Walking / Hiking

Hiking is a great way to connect with nature and ourselves. We have usually lost connection with Nature and forgot our true being. Once we get out of our busy life all the hustle, crowded city and the frustrating sheep routine all these are forgotten once we set foot on the trail hearing the birds chirping it naturally rejuvenates our mind and body. Since the day of evolution when human beings started their journey on their two foots hiking was part of our daily lifestyle But slowly today’s lifestyle and rapid development make us forget it . Today hiking has been taken as long walks in natural environments, often on hiking trails, footpaths, either for recreation or pleasure. Hiking takes us closer to discover ourselves and heightened our awareness. All our worries and anxiety will slowly dissolve in the Nature. Our long lost connection with Nature and wilderness will slowly be established. The chilling winds, The sounds of the trees, The songs of the birds all heal our mind and slowly brings a deep sense of contentment  within us. When we go for a hike we have no fear of our job, exams or family, all we do is feel and live in the moment. Hiking is a meditation we are always at the NOW moment not thinking about our career, our boss, wife, neighbors or society, Just the pure awareness of Nature and our core being. Even a mouse  running to its hole, Birds feeding their babies feels us excitement and joy. Hiking brings us thrilling moments. The uphills and downhills take us out from our comfort zone and challenge us. 

Every moment is filled with joy and blissfulness if we observe carefully. All our everyday  Dramas and problems will just fade away with the blessing of Mother Nature. The Five elements energies our body and purifies our souls. Once we experience the vastness of Nature and feel the blessings from Nature we would feel like gratitude and blessings are showering us everyday. Hiking is a great form of exercise for the mind, body and soul. After a hike our body will also start to function well, our taste and smell will improve, our limbs get strong, We will have a sense of our originality.