• Duration 04-06 hrs
  • Activities Festival m
  • Trip Type Solo/Group
  • Best Time Oct-Nov
  • Start/End KTM/KTM
  • Accomodation N/A
  • Location Kathmandu
  • Transportation Available

The important Hindu’s festival Tihar is also commonly known as Deepawali which means ‘Festival of Lights’. Tihar usually falls after Dashain in the month of Kartik, during November and October. It is celebrated for five consecutive days. The unique thing about this festival is that people not only worship God but also animals like crow, Dogs, cows and ox. It is believed that these animals are closely associated with ancestors and god of death Yamaraj, Goddess of wealth and luck Laxmi and Kuber. This festival provides an important place for animals and defines benevolent coexistence and the importance of the relationship between humans and animals. On the very first day, Kaag puja is celebrated i.e. worshipping crow, it’s believed that crow is the messenger of the god of death, Yamaraj. On the second day, Kukur puja is conducted i.e. worshipping dogs. As we all know that dogs are the best companions to humans, they only know the language of love and are very loyal to us. On that auspicious day, human’s best animal friend dogs are worshipped acknowledging for their loyalty, companionship and they are also regarded as a messenger of the god of death. On the third day, Cow and mother Laxmi are worshipped. This day carries great importance in Nepal and it is also said to be Dhanteras, It is believed that on this day mother Laxmi will come to each house so people decorate their house with lights, flowers and different decorative items. People worship cows that day and cows are considered holy animals in Nepal regarding cows as Mother Laxmi. On the fourth day, Govardhan puja is conducted, i.e worshipping for Govardhan hill, who saved farmers from Strom and catastrophe and commemorates the child tales of Lord Krishna. On the last day, people celebrate Bhai Tika and Maha puja which means worshipping brothers and ownself respectively.


  • This festival is celebrated in almost all parts of the country and especially Kathmandu on night times during tihar is worth wandering and roaming around.
  • The festive vibes in addition to deusi bhailo, A traditional song and dance fascinate every jolly lad. It is performed by the youngsters in households and in return HH owner gives money, rice grains, Ring-shaped rice bread Sel roti, fruits and sweets.
  • Explore the Unique culture, tradition and city tour inTihar Nights.
  • Try unique sweets and authentic dishes which are only prepared during Tihar.
  • The environment itself is pleasant and lively which makes all the stress and worries miles away far from you.



  • City Tour
  • Pick up drop off service
  • Professional Guide
  • Tasting of Sweets


  • Bar and beverages
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Accommodation

Festival of Lights Itinerary

  • Pick up:

    We will pick you from your respective hotel. Mostly, our meeting points are near Thamel areas.

  • Stop At:

    There are various locations, just roaming around thamel areas and Basantapur streets via ason and Night view of kathmandu from monkey temple is also  interesting.

  • Drop off:

    We will be heading back to our respective hotels.

Festival of Lights: Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the Festival of Lights Falls? Why is this festival celebrated?

    During the months of November and October according to the solar calendar astrologers find the exact month and date of festivals and precisely don’t fall exactly always on the same day. This festival is one of the important and biggest festivals in Nepal and celebrated for love, peace and mainly for Wealth and luck.

  • What are the major attractions during Festival of Lights?

    If visitors are planning to stay for the whole five days, beginning from day 1, crow Tihar and dog Tihar then visitors are able to see the unique relationship between humans and animals. Worshipping Goddess Laxmi and playing Deusi bhailo, firecrackers, Ring shapes rice bread Sel roti, Lights, Kathmandu night vibes and Worshipping for brother’s long life by sisters are main attractions of Tihar.

  • What do I need to carry with me?

    We strongly recommend you to carry your gadgets to click photos but make sure it’s your own responsibility to keep it safe. Some Nepali rupees in case different souvenirs tempts you or you just wanna get some chilled drinks.

  • What kind of clothing do you recommend?

    Usually, Tihar falls during Oct- Nov when the weather is pretty much perfect, it’s neither too hot nor too cold but during night times it’s quite cold. This time of year is also perfect for hiking and trekkings. you can wear a normal fleece jacket and long-sleeved shirts, The autumn nights are dry and the temperature can decrease up to 13-degree celsius.

  • Are there restaurants and eateries available in this tour?

    However, it’s a public holiday in the days of tihar. Almost all eateries are open  and mainly sweets are an integral part of this festival. so, sweet shops are also available.

  • Can I bring children on this tour?

    Yes, you can bring children on this tour but make sure we will mostly be walking and roaming around city areas so it would be little much of strainful  for standing.

  • How can I ensure my booking confirmation?

    We will instantly reply as soon as you register, We will provide you information and  further details.

  • How long shall we walk?

    It’s a leisurely walk, covering the distance of two kilometers. We will also sit at some places and if we happen to go to monkey temples then we will stay there for some time to watch the view of Kathmandu.

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