• Duration 10 days
  • Max Altitude 5033m
  • Group Size 2-10
  • Best Season Mar-May, Sep-Nov
  • Per Day Walk 05-06 hrs
  • Accomodation Hotel / Teahouse
  • Start/End KTM/KTM
  • Difficulty Moderate
  • Trip Type Solo / Group /
  • Location Langtang Region

Langtang Valley trek is one of the most beautiful and amazing Langtang treks. In just 10 days of time, you will enjoy the beautiful nature with amazing landscapes and scenery. Amazing views of the Langtang range, along with majestic Annapurna, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal, are sure to win our hearts. Also, the beautiful forests and wildlife in the region will make this trip, once in a lifetime experience.

We start the trek from Kathmandu and take a bus ride to Syafru Besi. The ride is a long one, but beautiful mountain range will accompany us, throughout. From Syafru Besi, we will trek to Lama hotel, which will take us only about 6 hours. At Lama hotel, we will be amazed by the hospitality we receive. People, there teach us the right way to treat our guests. After spending a night there, we will then continue our trek, and via Langtang village, reach Mundu. From Mundu, we will trek to Kyangjin Gompa. At Kyangjin gompa, lies one of the most sacred monasteries to the Buddhist. We will explore it, while we stay there. Also, we will trek to Tserko-Ri and enjoy the stunning sunrise view from there.

After spending 2 nights at Kyangjin Gompa, we will then return back to Lama Hotel, then to Syafru Besi. From Syafru Besi, we will take a bus ride back to the capital.

During this journey, we will enjoy the beautiful landscapes, with majestic Langtang range accompanying us throughout. Beautiful wild lives and even more beautiful people will make us feel glad, embarking on this journey of Langtang valley trek. In the end, we are left with beautiful memories and an amazing experience, to last us a very long time.

Best Time to Trek

Best time to enjoy the Langtang valley trek is during the autumn season (September – mid-December) and also during the spring season (March-May). The climatic condition is perfect during the time, and pleasant views of the area can be enjoyed.

Langtang Valley Trek Map

  • Day 1 :

    Arrival at Kathmandu (1400m / 4,600 ft)

  • Day 2 :

    Kathmandu to Syafru Besi ( 1,550m /
    Distance:122 km /
    Time: 09-10 hrs by Public bus  / 07-08 hrs Jeep

  • Day 3 :

    Syafru Besi to Lama Hotel ( 2,447m /
    Distance: 11.3 km /
    Time: 06-07 hrs walk

  • Day 4 :

    Lama Hotel to Mundu ( 3,540 m) via Langtang village (3500m)
    Distance: 15 km /
    Time: 06-07 hrs walk

  • Day 5 :

    Mundu to Kyangjin Gompa ( 3800 m /
    Distance: 5.7 km /
    Time: 03-04 hrs walk

  • Day 6 :

    Acclimatization at Kyangjin Gompa and Exploring Tserko-Ri ( 5033m /
    Time: 3.5 hrs to reach on the top and 1.5 hrs to return back.

  • Day 7 :

    Kyangjin Gompa to Lama Hotel (2,447m /
    Distance: 20.7 km /  13 miles
    Time: 06-07 hrs walk

  • Day 8 :

    Lama Hotel to Syafru Besi  (1,550m /
    Distance: 11.3 km /
    Time: 04-05 hrs walk

  • Day 9 :

    Syafru Besi to Kathmandu.
    Distance:122 km /
    Time: 09-10 hrs by Public bus  / 07-08 hrs Jeep

  • Day 10 :

    Depart Kathmandu

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Arriving at Kathmandu (1,400m)

    Day 1 of our Langtang valley trek, marks your arrival in the capital city of Nepal – Kathmandu. Our representatives from Mountain Routes will pick you up from the airport. They will take you to
    your hotel, and also answer any queries regarding your trek. After reaching the hotel, you can freshen up a bit, and then go around to explore the beautiful city of Kathmandu. You can also prepare for the trek that begins from the next day.

  • Day 2 : Kathmandu to Syafru Besi (1,550 m) Trip Duration: 07-08 hrs

    On day 2 of our Langtang valley trek, we will start our journey with a bus ride from Kathmandu to Syafru Besi. It will take us about 7-8 hours to reach there. We will start early today, as there is a long road journey ahead of us. The path from Kathmandu to Syafru Besi is a winding path, through frequent switchbacks. But the good thing our trip, is that the beautiful mountain range, will accompany us through out. Amazing views of the mount Manaslu, Annapurna and Ganesh Himal, is sure to win our hearts. After reaching Syafru Besi, we will check into our hotels, and spend the night there.

  • Day 3 : Syafru Besi to Lama Hotel (3,540 m) Trip Duration: 06 hrs

    With an early breakfast, on the 3rd day of our Langtang valley trek, we will trek from Syafru Besi to Lama hotel. It will take us about 6 hours of time to reach there. The trail starts along the Langtang khola (river). We will then, traverse through beautiful Rhododendron and oak forest, with continuous ups and downs, throughout it. Continuing along the trail, we will soon come across a bridge over the Langtang Khola. After crossing the bridge, the trail is steeply upwards which will finally lead us to Lama Hotel. Upon reaching Lama hotel, we will check into our lodge, and then have a good night’s sleep there.

  • Day 4 : Lama Hotel to Mundu (3542 m) via Langtang Village Trip Duration: 06-07 hrs

    Day 4th of our Langtang valley trekking consists of trekking from Lama hotel to Mundu via Langtang village. It will take us 6-7 hours to reach there. Beautiful view of the mountains can be enjoyed from Lama hotel and on the trail to Mundu. We will come across beautiful landscapes and wonderful waterfalls. Following the trail, we will reach Ghoda Tabela. From there, it is that we see the beautiful white peak of the Langtang range, up close. Continuing further, we will pass few temporary settlements, used by herders. Also, a Buddhist monastery will be found along the way. From there, trekking further, we will finally reach Mundu. Overnight at Mundu.

  • Day 5 : Mundu to Kyangjin Gompa (3,800 m) Trip Duration: 03-04 hrs

    Day 5 of our Langtang valley trekking consists of trekking from Mundu to Kyangjin Gompa. Kyangjin Gompa is very sacred to Buddhist, as it is one of the principle monastery of the region. We will pass by many waterfalls, chortens, prayer wheels and mani walls, along the way. Mani walls are stone walls, with inscriptions, all over them. Largest mani wall of Nepal, is also present in our way to Kyangjin Gompa. We reach Kyangjin Gompa in the afternoon. After reaching, the remaining time is used exploring the Buddhist shrine in Kyangjin Gompa, and also some nearby places. We will check into our lodge, and spend the night there.

  • Day 6 : Acclimatization at Kyangjin Gompa and Exploring Tserko Ri (5,033 m) Trip Duration: 07-08 hrs

    We will utilize the 6th day of our Langtang valley trek, by acclimatizing at Kyangjin Gompa and also exploring the Tserko Ri. This will take us about 7-8 hours of time to complete. Early after breakfast, we start our trek to Tserko Ri, and spend most time exploring it. You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise view form the top of Tserko Ri. After exploring Tserko Ri, we then trek back to the Kyangjin Gompa. We reach there by late afternoon, and also enjoy the beautiful monastery. Amazing views of the Himalayas, glaciers and wildlife, is enjoyed from there. We then spend the second night at Kyangjin Gompa.

  • Day 7 : Kyangjin Gompa to Lama Hotel (2,447m) Trip Duration: 06-07 hrs

    On the 7th day of our Langtang valley trekking, we hike from Kyangjin Gompa to Lama Hotel. It takes 6-7 hours of time to complete this journey. We follow the same route we used, while trekking to Kyangjin Gompa. The trail is mostly downhill, and we pass through beautiful forests and Tamang villages. Also, we can enjoy the different view of the Himalayas. Upon reaching Lama Hotel, we check into our lodges and rest for the night there.

  • Day 8 : Lama Hotel to Syafru Besi (1,550m) Trip Duration: 04-05 hrs

    Day 8 of our Langtang valley trekking, marks our journey from lama Hotel to Syafru Besi. We follow the same trail, we used while climbing up, and it takes about 4-5 hours of time. The trail is mostly descending and traverses through beautiful Rhododendron and oak forests. We also cross Langtang khola (river), on our way. Upon reaching Syafru Besi, we check into our lodges and spend the night there.

  • Day 9 : Syafru Besi to Kathmandu (1,400m) Trip Duration: 09-10 hrs

    Our day 9 of Langtang valley trek consists, driving from Syafru Besi to Kathmandu. It takes about 7-8 hours to reach Kathmandu, from there. Beautiful mountains of Manaslu, Ganesh and Annapurna, will wave us goodbye. We will go back with a heart full of joy and our mind filled with beautiful memories. After reaching Kathmandu, we will check into our hotel and get ready for a nice dinner. We will share our experience during the dinner. Also, we can enjoy the beautiful night life of Thamel. Good night’s sleep is all that is left for the day.

  • Day 10 : Departure

    Day 10 of our Langtang valley trekking marks the end of our trek, and also your stay in Nepal. Representatives from Mountain Routes, pick you up from your hotel and drop you at the airport. We
    will share goodbyes there, and bade each other farewell. Boarding the plane, you will remember all the beautiful moments you’ve had in the last 10 days. You will travel back, pondering over what a beautiful experience you’ve had, along with an amazing story to tell.

Langtang Valley Trek: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do i reach Langtang valley?

    Langtang valley lies around 30km north of Kathmandu valley near the border of Tibet. Langtang trek is one of the shortest trek starting from Kathmandu. There are two routes to reach Langtang valley both routes depends on your personal choice and your itinerary. The first route can be started from Kathmandu to Sundari Jal and then start the trek from Sundari Jal to Gosaikunda then Langtang valley. The short route is to take a bus from Kathmandu to Syafru besi it will take around 7 to 8 hours to reach Syafru besi. The ride to Syafru besi is one hell of a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss.it is an adventure of next level where you will enjoy the pristine views of the mountains along with the bumpy roads and local folk music. This ride will defiantly give you goosebumps. It is from Syafru besi our trek will start.

  • How do i prepare for langtang valley trek?

    Langtang valley trek is moderately difficult. Preparing for Langtang trek depends on person to person. If you are used to trekking and have no problem hiking 5 to 7 hours a day and physically active and fit. then you don’t need much preparation. But if you are occasional hiker then you should train a little to get fitter for this trek. You don’t need to train hard for Langtang trek. But at least you should be able to walk 4 to 6 hours a day Focus your training on

    • Increasing endurance and stamina
    • Start Running 5 to 10 km and slightly increase the pace and distance
    • Hike as much as you can especially in hills
    • Join a gym swimming or climbing gym
    • Walking to your job and taking a stair to avoid the lift
    • Make your gut your best friend focus on what you eat cut out Fast foods, and start eating healthy
    • Limit the alcohol intake
  • How difficult is the Langtang valley trek?

    Langtang valley trek is moderately difficult. This trek is not technical neither does this trek need special skills like mountaineering or rock climbing. We do not need to use technical gears in this trek. Langtang valley trek is a simple trek where you will be spending your nights in warm and comfy tea houses with build in a heater. The trails are well built and not confusing. But one should not underestimate this trek as you will reach the altitude of max 5000m. So being in good health and proper physical condition determines the difficulty of this trek.

  • Do i need trekking experiences for this trek?

    Well, the answer is NO. This trek is ideal for beginners trekkers as the trail is quite easy and less confusing. Langtang trek can be your first trek and a gateway to trekking. This trekking fills you with anderline and the desire to explore more. If you want to start in trekking in the Himalayas then Langtang valley is the best destination for you.

  • What will be the maximum altitude that we will reach in langtang valley trek?

    Well, you will not gain more than 5000m altitudes. The highest point will be Tserko Ri(5033m).from where you will have the magnificent views of the mountains. If you do not plan to visit Tserko Ri then highest altitude will be Kyanjin Ri (3,800m).

  • What type of accommodation should i expect in this trek?

    Langtang trek Tea House trekking. Tea houses are small lodges which provide the basic facility of Food and bed. Langtang valley was heavily affected by the 2015 earthquake most of the tea houses were destroyed by the earthquake. But soon after the earthquake new Tea houses wit better facilities have been made. The tea houses offers Warm and soft bed with comfy blankets. Hot shower, wifi, with attached bathroom. You will be surprised if this is your first time trekking in himalayas.

  • What about the Meal?

    The tea house offers well cooked clean and hygienic meal. The food will be prepared by the experienced cooks and will be carefully monitored by our guides so that it reaches the quality. You can get the food as per your order from local meal Dal bhaat to European and Chinese meal like noodles, pasta, MOMO, macaroni, pizza ,sausages, Tibetan bread, omelet, sandwich, chapati, and many more. You can always bring your favorite snack like Choco bars chocolate and mix flavors of juice. These items could be brought at kathmandu.

  • Can i drink the direct water?

    We do not recommend drinking direct water as it is not considered healthy. Filtered water can be bought at the tea houses and shops. We recommend you to bring puritabs to filter the water or your own lifestraw which saves the cost of the water. You can also bring mix flavor’s to give taste your water. sometimes dehydration sachets are also useful. While trekking you should at least drink 3 4 liters of water as your body dehydrates fast in high altitudes. Water raises the oxygen level and maintains the body pressure also. You can also get hot water in Tea houses.

  • which is the best time for trekking in Langtang valley?

    The best seasons for trekking are autumn and spring.(March, April, May, September, October, November, avoiding the monsoon and winter season.

  • What are the mountains that we may see on the trek?

    Langtang valley offers the magnificent view of mountains it is also known as the heaven of mountains some of the famous mountains that we may see are

    • Langtang lirung
    • Ganesh Himal
    • Gang cheenpo
    • Naya kangri
    • Yala peak
    • Dorje lakpa
    • Loenpo Gang
    • Baden Powell peak and other small peaks.
  • How many hours we will be walking per day?

    As langtang valley trek is short trek we will not be straining ourselves too much. We will be walking 4 to 6 hours per day depending on the itinerary but no more than 6 hours.

  • How much does our backpack weight?

    You will not be carrying much weights just your day sack with water and some rain jackets it will not weight more than 2 3 kilos unless you don’t plan on hiring a porter. Our company will arrange the porter for helping you and making the trip easy. Our porter will carry up to 25 to 30 kg depending on the journey. We do not recommend bringing extra weights as it will hamper the trip unless you plan to hire two porters.

  • What are the major problems we may face on the trek?

    Well, there aren’t any specific problems that we can state at the moment. The problems may vary from time to time we cannot say that there wont be any problems but we are not sure what kind of problems we may encounter sometimes it may be simple roadblock, where we may have to walk few more days some time the poor weather condition which will block our view, other time it may depend in the person also for some people hiking for 4 5 hours may also be a big problem and challenge for others spending nights in the cozy tea houses , coping with the new culture and environment. We don’t see these as problems but rather a challenge and opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and reach for the ultimate. We try our best to minimize these problems and make our tour a success.

  • Is there anything that i need to fear on this trek as this is my first trek?

    Everyone gets fearful when its their first experience but the key thing to overcome this fear and get the best out of it. If you have observed most of the time the Fear is just unnecessary pattern made up by our own mind which is not even real .Researchers says that 80% of the fear is just mind made and 20 % is real. We do not say we should not have Fear but we encourage to overcome this fear. We are always with you throughout the whole trek. You can share your every problems and fears and together we will overcome this. We understand that this is your first trek in a complete new place with new people but there’s nothing to be afraid cause the people are hospitable and trustworthy. The place is safe and secured and also blessed by the Gods. Our company ensures your full safety so you don’t need to worry too much.

  • What happens if i get sick during the Trek?

    Most of the trekkers might feel sick during trekking it maybe of the new place, new heights, or new food but our company makes sure that you will get the basic techniques of avoiding those sickness. All of our guides have taken the first aid course and they always carry basic first aid kit with them in case of emergency. If the sickness arises from the altitudes and causes AMS the first and only option would be to descend down as soon as possible. IF the basic treatments does not work and gets more serious we will immediately arrange a helicopter and get you back to Kathmandu because our first concern is clients health and safety. The cost of the Helicopter and insurance will be forwarded to your mail before the trip.

  • What happens if i get AMS?

    The first thing is not to get AMS. We make sure that none of us get AMS.AMS could be avoided through proper acclimatization hygienic food and rest. Our experienced guides are professionals make sure that you are always in good shape. The rule is you don’t lie anything to your guide not even a simple headache or cold should be kept hidden even minor problems should be informed immediately to the guides. If we encounter the problem we will try to treat it with basic first aid and rest for few days if the symptoms gets worse then we decend down to lower elevations. The key rule of treating AMS is


  • Can I buy my gears at Nepal?

    Of course you can there are many retail shops of trekking gears in kathmandu. You can buy quality gears in Thamel. There are also famous trekking brands showroom like RAB, North face, Outdoor research, Blackdimond, etc. Our guides can assist you while buying the gears this will help you to save the extra cost on unnecessary gears.

  • Is langtang region safe for travelling?

    Clients health and saftey is our company’s first and foremost priority. Our guides are Professionally trained and holds a guiding license with their years of experience they ensure your safety. Second before planning the trip and arranging the logistics we carefully analyzie the Risk Factors associated with trek We also do risk assessment before the trip if the destination does not reaches our safety protocol we immediately cancel the destination and halt the tour. Some of the security concerns could be Natural hazard , blockage of roads , Clients Health , Local people dispute etc . As far as we know there has never been a issues of theft or robbery the locals are friendly and hospitable. But we recommend you to always make sure you do not leave your backpacks unattended. If you got valuables like jewelry and heavy amount of money then you can deposit it in our office at kathmandu we take full responsibility of your belongings.

  • Who would be responsible for my saftey?

    Our company will provide experienced guides who have taken the trainings on first aid , Saftey , trekking and wilderness they will ensure that you are safe all the time.Our guides will be responsible for youre saftey as well as the whole teams saftey. In order to stay safe you will have to follow certain instructions that our guides offers. This instructions are just saftey manual inorder to make you always safe and sound.

  • What about-the Langtang permit?

    You will need a permit to enter the langtang national park. The permit fee will cost around us $15.Our company will arrange all the necessary permits and logistics.

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