• Duration 18 days
  • Max Altitude 3950m
  • Group Size 2-10
  • Best Season Mar-May,Sep-Nov
  • Per Day Walk 6-7 hrs
  • Accomodation Teahouse / Hotel
  • Start/End Ktm / Ktm
  • Difficulty Strenuous
  • Trip Type Solo / Group /
  • Location Mustang

Upper Mustang trek is one of the best and amazing trekking journey, you can embark on, in Nepal. This 16 days long trek, takes you through beautiful landscapes. You will meet even more beautiful people. Their hospitality is sure to win our hearts. You also get to visit many old monasteries, which have centuries old story within them.

We start our upper Mustang trekking from the capital – Kathmandu. Travelling to Pokhara on the second day, we explore some interesting places there. We fly to Jomsom on the very next day, and begin our actual trek from there. We then, trek to Kagbeni on the same day, which takes about 2-3 hours of time. From Kagbeni we hike to Chele, then to Syangbochen. From there, we then trek to Ghami, with beautiful views of the mountains, always accompanying us, along the way. Trekking from Ghami to Tserang, Lo Manthang is just a day’s trek from there.

The next day, we trek to Lo Manthang, where we spend 2 days. 2nd day in Lo Manthang is spent in order to better acclimatize to the climatic condition of the region. From Lo Manthang, we trek to Dhakmar, then, trace our steps back to Syangboche. From Syangboche, we then trek to Chukksang, and on the next day, to Jomsom. We then travel to Pokhara, to enjoy the beauty it has to offer. Pokhra to Kathmandu will be our next, and final trip in our trek.

In the last 17 days, you will have enjoyed an amazing experience, with natural and cultural beauty, all around. This trek will have, some part of you touched, at its end. You will travel home with beautiful memories and an adventurous journey, to pass through generations.

Best Time for Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang trek, can be best enjoyed during Spring season (March-May), and also during Autumn season (September to November). Being a rain shadow area, Mustang doesn’t receive any rainfall during Monsoon season (June to August). This provides us great opportunity to visit Mustang during this time.

Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Arriving in Kathmandu

    Today, on the very first day of upper Mustang trekking, you reach the capital of Nepal – Kathmandu. Our representatives from Mountain Routes pick you up at the airport, and take you to your hotel. They will explain the trekking route and schedule. Upon reaching your hotel, you can freshen up and go out to explore the beautiful city of Kathmandu. You can also prepare for our trek, the next day.

  • Day 2 : Kathmandu to Pokhara (827 m) Trip Duration: 6 hours

    On the 2nd of our upper Mustang trek, we travel from Kathmandu to Pokhara via roadways. It takes us about 6 hours to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu. After an early breakfast, we head out to board the bus to Pokhara. We have our lunch on the way, enjoying the route. As, we reach Pokhara, we instantly feel the difference in climate and the energy of the place. We then, check into our hotel and freshen up. We head out to explore the beautiful city of Pokhara, and visit some major tourist destinations. After returning to our hotel, we have our dinner and spend the night there.

  • Day 3 : Fly from Pokhara to Jomsom (2700) then, trek to Kagbeni (2810 m) Trip Duration: 20 minutes + 3-4 hours

    Today, on the 3rd day of our upper Mustang trekking, we take a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. After boarding the plane, we reach Jomsom in just 20 minutes of time. Upon reaching there, we set out on our trek to Kagbeni. Our trail takes us alongside a beautiful valley. On our way, we reach Ekal Bhatti village. It is a beautiful village with flat-roofed houses. From there, Kagbeni is just ahead, along the trail. Upon reaching Kagbeni, we check into our hotel, and have lunch. Then, we go around to explore the beautiful place. Overnight at Kagbeni.

  • Day 4 : Kagbeni to Chele (2920 m) Trip Duration: 6-7 hours

    On the 4th day of our upper Mustang trek, we hike from Kagbeni to Chele, which rakes about 6-7 hours. We follow the trail alongside the Kali Gandaki river. Following the sandy and windy trail, we reach the Tangbe village. Tangbe village has many things to admire including narrow alleyways, barley and buckwheat fields, apple orchards and so on. From there, we continue our trail further, and pass another village along the way. We also cross a river on our way there. Walking on a narrow ridge, we finally reach our destination for today – Chele. We spend the night in Chele village.

  • Day 5 : Chele to Syangboche (3800 m) Trip Duration: 5-6 hours

    Today’s upper Mustang trek consists of trekking from Chele to Syangboche, which takes about 5-6 hours. We walk a longer distance today, and the elevation also increases. We also cross 2 passes namely – Taklam La pass (3624 m) and Dajori La pass (3735 m). We also enjoy beautiful views of Tilicho, Yakawa Kang and Damodar Danda and pass by Ramchung Cave. We then follow the trail further to reach Samar village. Following the trail, we reach a ridge, then descend a steep trail to a stream. From there, Syangboche is just ahead. Overnight in Syangboche.

  • Day 6 : Syangboche to Ghami (3520 m) Trip Duration: 5 hours

    On the 6th day of our upper Mustang trekking, we hike from Syangboche to Ghami, which takes about 5 hours. We follow the trail along the Yamda La pass, passing few tea houses along the way. We also traverse through beautiful forests and villages. Follow the trail through poplar forest and barley fields, we reach Nyi Pass (4010 m). From here, the trail is a descending one, which directly leads us to Ghami village. Ghami is one of the biggest and beautiful villages of the region. Overnight at Ghami.

  • Day 7 : Ghami to Tserang (3560 m) Trip Duration: 4-5 hours

    Today, we trek from Ghami to Tserang, which takes about 4-5 hours of time. The trail is a descending one through a rough and slippery path. Crossing a bridge over Ghami khola, our trail starts ascending. We will follow the beautiful path with Mani walls, all along. Crossing the Tserang La pass (3870 m), we finally reach the Tserang village. Tserang is a beautiful village which lies on the top of Charang canyon, with a huge fortress. Tserang village also has a red gompa towards its east. Overnight at Tserang.

  • Day 8 : Tserang to Lo Manthang (3800 m) Trip Duration: 4-5 hours

    On the 8th day of our upper Mustang trek, we follow the trail from Tserang to Lo Manthang. The trail descends till a canyon river before it starts to ascend, leading to Lo La pass (3950 m). From the top of Lo La pass, we can admire the beautifully walled Lo Manthang village. From there descending downwards, we reach Lo Manthang village. Astounding views of the mountains including Nilgiri, Tilicho and Annapurna I, Bhrikuti Peak, can be admired from the Lo Manthang village. We then spend the night in Lo Manthang.

  • Day 9 : Acclimatization at Lo Manthang

    Today, on the 9th day of our upper Mustang trekking, we spend the day resting, acclimatizing and exploring the nearby places of Lo Manthang. It is done inorder to properly adjust to the climatic condition of the area. There lies 3 major gumpas namely, Jhampa, Thupchen and Chhoeda, which we explore during the day. Another option available for us today, is visiting the nearby beautiful village of Tingkhar. Returning back to Lo Manthang, we will spend the second night there.

  • Day 10 : Lo Manthang to Dhakmar (3800 m) Trip Duration: 7-8 hours

    On the 10th day of our upper Mustang trek, we hike from Lo Manthang to Dhakmar, which takes about 7-8 hours. There is a long journey ahead of us, so we start early after breakfast. Our trail passess through Gyakar village which has an old gompa – Ghar Gompa. It is century old gompas with beautiful rock paintings. After exploring the gompa, we continue our trek to Dhakmar. The views from there is astonishing with majestic mountains on the south. After reaching Dhakmar, we check into our lodge and spend the night there.

  • Day 11 : Dhakmar to Syangboche

    Today, we continue our trek, reaching Syangboche from Dhakmar. We trace our steps back, enjoying beautiful missed-out views. We enjoy the beautiful view of Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri mountains on our way there. Overnight at Syangboche.

  • Day 12 : Syangboche to Chhuksang (3040 m) Trip Duration: 5-6 hours

    On the 12th day of upper Mustang trekking, we hike from Syangboche to Chhuksang, which takes about 5-6 hours. One major point of attraction during our today’s trek is the Chungsi Cave monastery. It is one of the most, beautiful and interesting cave monastery in the Mustang region. The cave monastery dates back to 7th century. After exploring the monastery, we continue on our trail, and finally reach Chhuksang. Overnight in Chhuksang.

  • Day 13 : Chhuksang to Kagbeni to Jomsom Trip Duration: 6-7 hours

    Today, on the 13th day of our upper Mustang trek, we hike from Chhuksang to Jomsom via Kagbeni. It takes us about 6-7 hours of time to reach Jomsom. We will be accompanied by the beautiful views of the Nilgiri himal. After trekking for about 4 hours, we reach Kagbeni. We have our lunch there, and head out further, finally reaching Jomsom. After reaching Jomsom, we will check into our lodge. Tired from our long trek today, we will have a hot shower and a good dinner. A goodnight’s sleep is all that is left for the day.

  • Day 14 : Jomsom to Pokhara Trip Duration: 20 minutes

    On the 14th day of upper Mustang trekking, we travel from Jomsom to Pokhara via flight. It takes us about 20 minutes to reach Pokhara. Upon reaching Pokhara, we check into our hotels, have lunch, then go around exploring the beautigul city of lakes. There are many major tourists’ attractions, but having a limited time, we will explore some selected few. After spending the day, exploring and enjoying the beautiful city, we have dinner at lakeside. We can also enjoy the beautiful night life of Lakeside. Overnight at Pokhara.

  • Day 15 : Pokhara to Kathmandu Trip Duration: 6 hours

    Today, we take a bus ride from Pokhara to Kathmandu. It takes us about 6 hours to reach Kathmandu via roadways. We start early today, so as to have some time to explore some parts of Kathmandu. Upon reaching Kathmandu, we check into our hotels, and go out to visit some major tourists’ attractions. At night, you can enjoy the exciting night life of Thamel. A good night’s sleep is all that is left for the day.

  • Day 16 : Departure

    Today, is the last day of our upper Mustang trek and also your last day in Nepal. Our representatives from Mountain Routes, pick you up from your hotel and take you to the airport. We then share goodbyes and bade each other farewell. You will be boarding the plane with beautiful memories and an amazing experience. With some part of you touched during the last 16 days, you will head back home, with you an incredible story to tell.

Upper Mustang Trek: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is upper mustang?

    Mustang district located on the edge of Tibetan plateau which covers an area of 3562.21 square kilometres is located in the trans-Himalayan region just north of central greater Himalaya popularly known as Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. This district is surrounded by Manang district on the east. Tibet to the north-east. Myagdi district to the south and Dolpo district to the west. There are Upper mustang and lower mustang. Both these places were isolated for long time upper mustang is located along the Kali Gandaki River, which flows from the Tibetan plateau south, cutting through the Himalayan range, creating the deepest gorge in the world. Upper mustang lies between latitudes 280°47’39’’ and 290°19’54’’ N and longitudes 830°28’55’’ and 840°15’16’’.

  • How difficult is Upper mustang Trek?

    Upper mustang trek is a Moderate level the difficulty depends upon one’s current physical condition. This trek is suitable for all age group. You can trek upper mustang with kids and family also. The difficulties may be harsh weather, altitude, Terrain and strong wind. You also need to walk for 6 to 7 hours a day so this can be quite challenging. As there is saying the best view comes from the hardest climb. You need to get out of your comfort zone to witness the beauty of the Kingdom of lo.

  • Can I do upper mustang trip as my first trek?

    Of course, you can Upper mustang trek is for all level of trekkers. Compared to Annapurna circuit and Everest circuit upper mustang is far easier you will not be gaining much altitudes and you don’t have to cross high passes. There are nice Lodges along the way and trail is in good condition. Upper mustang trek offers you the lifetime experience of the majestic mountains like Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri. In fact, upper mustang trek can be the beginning of your trekking journey.

  • Do I need special training for upper mustang trek?

    Well, training before a trip is always beneficial but you don’t need specific training you should more focus on your diet and exercise. You should start your exercise 1 month before the trek. Start with hiking or running for a few kilometres and slightly increase the distance. You can also cycle through your town. . Build your core muscle strong and prepare your legs for 6 to 7 hours of hike. If your bored to do the exercises alone then Joining a local Gym, swimming club or a climbing gym is also a good idea. Aerobics exercises are also found to be helpful. Avoid fast food and limit alcohol intake. Walk as much as you can take stairs if possible. And never strain too much you should enjoy your workout.

  • How do we reach upper mustang?

    We will take a ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara and stay overnight at Pokhara then we will travel to Jomsom then trek to Kagbeni. It will take around 5 hours to reach Pokhara and from Pokhara to Jomsom we will take a flight which will take around 20 minutes to reach Jomsom. But the flight to Jomsom fully depends on the weather usually there are very few flights to Jomsom due to the unpredictable weather and the strong winds there are very few flights going to Jomsom. if that would be the case then we will have to take a bus from Pokhara to Jomsom which will take around 7 to 8 hours.

  • How is the weather in the upper mustang?

    Upper mustang is a rain shadow area and hardly receives any precipitation. Its trans-Himalayan location closes the region off from the southern monsoons that irrigate most other parts of Nepal. The climate is dry with strong winds and intense sunlight. It is one of the coldest areas in the country with temperatures dropping to -20 degrees to -30degrees in winter and Odegrees to 20 degrees in summer.

    Upper Mustang in Autumn

    The average temperature ranges between 10 degrees to 20 degrees at day and -7 to – 4 degree celcius at night

    Upper Mustang in spring

    The average temperature in spring at daytime is around 15 to 20 degree celcius while -6 to -2degreeC at night

    Upper mustang in Monsoon

    As upper mustang lies in Rainshadow area it receives hardly any rainfall. The temperature ranges from 12 to 20 degrees C in day time while it drops from -3 to 0 degrees C at night.

    Upper Mustang in winter

    Upper mustang is extremely cold in winter the temperature can drop as low as -20 degrees at night. Most of the local People migrate down to avoid the chilly temperature.

  • What is the highest altitude that any trekker would reach?

    The highest altitude the trekker will go will be 4000m.

  • What are the main differences between upper mustang trek and other trekking regions like Annapurna and Everest region?

    Upper Mustang is completely different trek than Annapurna and Everest region. Though Upper mustang lies inside the Annapurna Conservation Area the geography and landscape are totally different when you trek to Annapurna circuit or Everest Circuit you would be trekking through the Green forest with rich Biodiversity and vegetation. But upper mustang is completely different You will be surprised by the landscape as Upper mustang is also known as the High Himalayan Dry desert you will hardly see any trees or vegetation. The people and culture are Living museum of Nepal. These places are still untouched by the modern civilization and urbanization Upper mustang is one of the oldest cities in the world which was completely isolated and recently opened for foreigners. Upper mustang is still restricted zone. Upper mustang is full of ancient forts, Caves, Monasteries, Chortens and Mani walls. You would feel like you time travelled back in the Era of Gautam Buddha and Stone age. The Walled city and high caves offer you the unique experience of ancient culture and make you wonder about the art and culture.IF you ever wondered how our ancestors and civilization were then upper mustang trek is specially made for you.

  • Why should I do the Upper mustang trek what are the Main attractions of Upper Mustang?

    Upper Mustang is trek offers you the mesmerizing view of the holy mountains, Ancient civilization, Indigenous culture and people, ancient monasteries and religions, and one of the oldest caves in the world. Some of the major attractions of upper mustang are

    • Sacred Landscape
    • People
    • Festivals
    • Music
    • Tiji
    • Yartung
    • Sonampa and Losar
    • Lo Manthang
    • Cave Dwellings and Monasteries
  • What kind of permits do I need for upper mustang trek?

    To travel upper mustang you need to kinds of permit

    • Restrict Area permit and
    • ACAP permit

    You don’t need TIMS card for this trekking route.

  • How long does it take to trek through upper mustang?

    Our standard itinerary is of 16 to 18 days but the itinerary can be managed as per your convenience.

  • How long should we walk per day?

    Upper mustang is a moderate trek we will be hiking through rough terrain the trail is nice and yearly maintained. The trails are not confusing one can easily access the trail. The walking hours depends on the day and itinerary some days we will be walking for 4 to 5 hours some days 7 to 8 hours. On average we will not be walking more than 8 hours.

  • What will be the accommodation like in upper Mustang Trekking?

    Upper Mustang is an isolated place and rural area the accommodation is quite simple. We will be spending the nights in local Tea houses and Lodges. The tea houses offer you warm comfy bed mattress and blanket, WiFi, Hot shower, attached bathroom and sometimes they even have a heater to warm up the dining hall. You can choose a single room or either share your room with a partner.

  • What about the Meal ?

    The tea houses offer a variety of meals according to your choice from Local Daal Bhat to European and Chinese foods like noodles, pasta, MOMO, macaroni, pizza, sausages, Tibetan bread, omelette, sandwich, chapati, and many more. All the foods meet the standard portion and quality our guides will always be there to inspect the hygiene and standard of the food and makes sure that it reaches the required standard. Our first priority is clients safety. You can always pack your favourite snack. But don’t bring too much as you will have enough foods

  • What about the water?

    We recommend drinking 3 to 4 litres of water per day as you will be hiking in for a long period of time which will cause dehydration. Do not drink the tap water or direct water make sure you filter it before drinking. You can bring your own purification tablets or life straw to filter the water. Water could be refilled at the tea houses also but it will cost you some amount of money. The tea houses also offer you hot water.

  • Can I charge my phones and cameras on the Trek?

    Of course you can the tea houses offer the facility of phone charging which will cost you around 2 to 3 us dollars per hour. We recommend you to bring power bank and if you got a solar panel that would be perfect.

  • How much would my back pack weight?

    Well, it fully depends on what you pack and what you need. We will provide a porter for the whole trip our porter will carry up to 25 kgs of weight. If you need more accessories and items for the trek we can arrange the porter accordingly. You will be carrying your daysack with water bottles and light items. It will not weight more than 5 to 6 kilos. If you don’t plan on hiring porter then we recommend packing your backs not more than 15 kgs.

  • Is it safe to travel in upper mustang?

    Of course in fact upper mustang is one of the safest places to travel in Nepal. It is a holy land and off the beaten trail. Upper mustang is less crowed than other circuits. You won’t be hassling with the crowds. The people are hospitable and quite. The local people are influenced by Buddhism so they follow compassion and kindness. There hasn’t been a single case of robbery or theft but that doesn’t mean that you can be careless. Never leave your backpack unattended. Always lock your doors in the lodges and tea house when going outside. But if your safety concern is about Natural Hazards, wild animals, trails, and weather. Then you don’t need to worry cause our company carefully analyzes the risk factor and assess the risk and only plan further action. We do not travel at night as it is not safe we always follow the weather forecast and trek accordingly moreover we have contact with local guides who will transfer the information on the current scenario. If we found any dangers and risk then for clients safety we immediately take measures to mitigate those dangers and risk.

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