• Duration 3 days
  • Activities Cultural m
  • Trip Type Solo / Group
  • Best Time All around the year
  • Start/End KTM / KTM
  • Accomodation Homestay
  • Location Nawalparasi
  • Transportation Bus/Van/Car

The world is full of life and life is immensely diverse. In Nepal, diversity of ethnicity and indigenous cultural practice is a treasure of the country. Different organizations have initiated the programs to uplift the living standard of community people and community homestay with the aim of conservation and preservation of local resources, culture, norms, natural resources and identity. It has played a significant role in generating income and community people are empowered and acknowledged by the greater potentiality for the unique lifestyle they had.

One of the precious ethnic groups of Nepal is the Tharu community, An indigenous inhabitant of Southern Terai in Nepal. The history of Tharu people in Nepal is not much clear but they self-proclaimed that they used to reside in the forest and practice nomadic lifestyle within forest engaging in shifting cultivation. As civilization gradually started to transpire, a new style of livelihood commenced. Tharu ethnic group communities are mainly engaged in Agriculture for livelihood, They are closely connected with the tribality and eternity so follow unique cultural and traditional practices. This is visible in the houses they live, the dance they perform, surrounding they reside, the food they eat, Art they draw and production they produce.


  • Tharus community homestay is connected with the forest buffer zone, while community people are responsible to preserve the forest area
  • you are able to get unique sight of culture, norms and tribal lifestyle, it’s a lifetime experience that travel lover should never miss
  • Community forest tour where you can do jungle safari with local guides, you will be able to observe one-horned rhino, musk Deer, tigers and different species of wild animals
  • A warm welcome from the host family, They perform their traditional cultural dance


  • Pickup and drop off
  • Accommodation in homestay
  • Jungle safari activities
  • Cultural Refreshment Program


  • Bar and Beverage
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu or Chitwan
  • Tips and Gratiuties

Community Homestay: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the major attractions of Tharu community Homestay?

    If you are a  traveller who loves to explore different environments, culture, life and experiences then Tharu community homestay offers a lot for you, Lifestyle which includes traditional and cultural way of living is closely attached with the unique practices which are unaffected by today’s modern world. Typical Hut, veranda and fences of specific design, Natural surrounding. They welcome you warmly and present you their tribal dance. The people are not much dependent  on outer urban industrial  resources for survival, they are dependent on community forest and its resources for survival . They are responsible to preserve and conserve  the resources and animals of the forest.  You will get  a chance to visit a community forest where you will be able to observe various wildlife .

  • What other Homestay Packages do you offer and how it is different from each other?

    First of all, You must have Knowledge about Homestay in Nepal. Homestay is a different concept than modern Hotels where one will get  easy accessibility of all the amenities, luxurious facilities and gracious staff but homestay might be different. Host families warmly welcome you with  care and love , traditional ways of living might not be very luxurious but it is very fascinating, you will not be able to get modern facilities but you will be able to explore unique culture, norms, tradition, values and technological practices. There are almost 123 ethnic groups in Nepal and mostly precious ethnic groups like Newar, Gurung ,Magar are engaged in homestay which have different concepts of its inception.

  • How is accommodation and Meal like?

    Tharu community people are mostly associated with the natural living style which is truly off the beaten track.  The natural environment and unfrequented living aspects includes Houses made up of forest products. The outer walls of their homes are made of materials like clay, mud, dung and grass. Accommodation is not very luxurious but it’s comfortable. They serve you traditional dishes , which mostly includes the vegetables they grow in the field.

  • What are the Packages that I can extend to?

    The package can be fully customized according to your needs .Please,  do mail us your interest and we can recommend and acknowledge you according to your interest and preferences. Some interesting Packages might be  Chitwan tour and community homestay.

  • Is it a group or solo tour?

    We have to pre-inform host families earlier for solo tours, so that they can arrange it beforehand. We prefer to organize group tours which might be helpful for getting connected to the host family, which makes arrangement easier for them.

  • How can I ensure my Registration?

    We will instantly send  you details and program information via email as soon as you register. Our meeting points are mostly nearer to the famous landmark Garden of dreams at Thamel  and lazimpat areas. We will leave early in the morning from Lainchaur Bus stop.

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