• Duration Half day
  • Activities Adventure
  • Trip Type Solo / Group
  • Best Time All around the year
  • Start/End PKR-PKR/KTM-KTM
  • Location KTM/PKR
  • Hotel Pickup Available
  • Age Range Above 16

Nepal is truly a beautiful country, not only culturally rich but also naturally affluent. This small paradise of earth boast beautiful majestic himalayas to dense forest, Gorges surrounded concealing incessant waterfalls carries the immense potential for hardcore adventure undertaking like canyoning.

In a lush forest,beyond the black stump over the cliffs water tumbles down and burbles with crashing sound in silence along the side of canyon walls bubbling onto the rock, one will be able to experience a tranquil and mindful tantalizing glance of least explored remote wilderness of Nepal.

Canyoning involves different rope techniques to climb a gorge or descending vertical surface by using a doubled rope coiled round the body which is fixed at a higher point. Technically, Canyoning consists of extensive techniques together with tasks like walking, jumping, swimming and climbing which requires guidance of experts and certified guides and also demands the expertise of Swimming skills, roping skills, Navigation skills and over all good stamina.


  • The Waterfall rappelling in Nepal is an utmost choice for swashbucklers in enticing wet rockies.
  • Enhance your skills with the expert guides and professionals
  • Explore a sensational moment in a natural environment, enjoy tranquil waterfalls crashing sound relishing your escaped experience.

Additional information

  • There are different canyoning itineraries packages that we can customize according to your preferences.
  • We offer various packages like jalbire canyoning, pokhara canyoning trip, Sundarijal Canyoning etc.
  • We can manage transportation and accommodation facilities accordingly so please contact us for an impromptu response to our service.


  • Pickup and drop off service
  • Permits and fees
  • Canyoning Equipment
  • Highly professional guides
  • First Aid
  • Lunch after activity


  • Accommodation
  • Bar and Beverage
  • Tips and gratuities for guides
  • Insurance

Pokhara Canyoning

  • Pickup

    You will be picked up from your respective hotel .

  • Stop At: Conyoning Spot

    We depart from Pokhara to ghalel village following the seti river , It’s a 3 hours ride from lakeside.

  • Drop off:

    We will be driving back to our respective hotels at pokhara.

Jalbire Canyoning

  • Pickup:

    You will be picked up from your respective hotel at Kathmandu or we will meet at Lainchaur tourist Bus stop early in the morning.

  • Stop At: Canyoning Spot

     It’s about 110 km ahead from Kathmandu and basically can be said to be a nearby junction of two famous destinations Pokhara and chitwan. It’s 4 hours 30 minutes drive from Kathmandu to reach Jalbire canyoning station , it’s nearer from Pokhara too which is almost 4 hours from Prithivi chowk

  • Drop off:

    We will be driving back to our respective hotels.

Canyoning: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is canyoing?

    Canyoning in Nepal is travelling to remote areas surrounded by beautiful forests or villages, Canyoning is a set of activities including walking, jumping and scrambling, swimming in perpetually flowing waterfalls. Experience of canyoning may be different in Nepal because the natural gorges formed and cliffs are technical and can be considered as a supersede destination for an adventurer.

  • Do I need any specific skills? How fit do I need to be?

    Swimming skills, skills related to rope work and different skills are required, other than that canyoning for beginners can also easily be carried out in different destinations and might not be quite technical. You need to be fit inorder to carry out this activity at some spots that require physical participation to a greater extent. Please pre-inform about your health conditions and disability prior to commitment.

  • What do I need to carry?

    • A bottel of Water
    • Sunscreen and moisturizer
    • A pair of extra clothes, shocks, shoes and towel
    • permits

    We strongly do not recommend you to carry a huge backpack which might be a burden carrying throughout the trip, You solely are responsible for gadgets that you bring along with.

  • How safe is it ?

    Our highly professional guide will instruct and supervise in order to redress any sorts of error. The rope is outfitted with friction knots which ensures your safety.

  • What do I need to wear for a comfortable experience? What does the canyoning gears include?

    We recommend you not to wear loose fit clothings like loose t-shirts or jackets which might get stuck in the rope and wear canyoning shoes or sports shoes which quickly drain water. you also should avoid wearing cotton clothes and synthetic fibers are awesome and make your experience comfortable. Gears include climbing hardware, static ropes, helmet and wet suites.

  • How can I ensure my booking confirmation?

    Upon booking we will instantly send you emails providing details about different canyoning activities , our meeting points and further information.

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