• Duration Half a day
  • Activities Cultural m
  • Trip Type Solo / Group
  • Best Time Feb-March
  • Start/End KTM/KTM
  • Accomodation N/A
  • Location kathmandu
  • Transportation Available

Do you wanna add some colour to your life? Come to Nepal to celebrate the most unique and interesting Hindu festival Holi which is also known as the Festival of love, colours, social cohesion and spring. It usually falls during the initial months of spring season March or Nepali Month Falgun.

Holi carries great significance, It’s celebrated for ‘Triumph of Truth over evil and victory over Devils’. After the long shivering cold month of winter, people welcome the arrival of the spring season with great joy. This festival carries great importance in South Asian nations and is also celebrated locally in a different part of the country. On that specific day gathering of loved ones, preparing exquisite dishes, Dancing, playing, laughing, singing, face painting and getting blessings from elders makes the environment very lively. Holi is an important festival in Terai region, people mostly play Holi with different powdered compound colors like red, yellow, green, purple, blue etc and worship Narasimha (Half lion half-human god) incarnation of Lord Vishnu and ultimately burning fire which symbolically means burning demoness named Holika. In Capital city Kathmandu you will be able to see different vibes which are somewhat influenced by modern ways of celebration yet untouched. Especially, youths of the city gather in some open space like BasantapurWorld heritage site and play with colour and water bombs.


  • Spend a Memorable time with loved ones in a lively celebrated Festive environment.
  • Balanced city tour
  • Get engaged in different activities with Locals


  • Pick up and drop off services
  • Professional Tour guide


  • Accommodation
  • Bar and Beverages
  • Tips and Gratuities

Holi Festival Itineraries

  • Pickup

    You will be picked up from your respective hotels

  • Stop At:

    We will stop at event spots where you will play Holi with locals and get engaged in various tasks.

  • Drop At:

    We will be heading back to our hotels.

Holi Festival: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you tell me more about holi ?

    Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated for the victory over demoness Holika, this festival falls on the month of Falgun so locally it is also said Fagu Purnima, Visitor needs to know that Nepali calendar date system is different and festivals happen to occur on different dates based on Tithi.

  • How is celebration like? What kind of activities do we get to engage in?

    If you are nearby Kathmandu city then the streets of Kathmandu on that specific day would be very vibrant and colourful.  People gather in their community, usually, elders as blessings put tika and compounded powder which is also known as abir in foreheads of young and it begins. People play Holi with water and colours. You will be able to see extremely different vibes of celebration and get to play Holi. We can guarantee you that it’s worthy to visit Nepal during Holi. The major attractions are vibrant cities, partying, dancing, wild crowds, water bombs, water guns, concerts and many more.

  • What kind of preparation shall we do for this festival?

    It’s just a one-day festival so it’s better that you make it very simple, for clothing and other stuff please make sure to wear comfortable T-shirts, shorts which you don’t mind getting painted with compound colours and it’s better if you don’t carry anything in that day because you never know you gonna get hit with water splash from anywhere.

  • What kind of precautions can we take while celebrating holi?

    If you’re a single girl, try to be around people you know and stick with your guide. Don’t venture into public places alone as there are going to be many inebriated people in city areas. We would recommend avoiding colour in your eyes, use only organic colours and Avoid putting excessive colours because taking it out afterwards is a tedious task. Because it’s a festive season people might give you something to eat then ask your guide prior because on that specific day marijuana is not legal but due to its socio-culturally, acceptable people may carry it with themselves. If you are planning to bring gadgets like mobile and cameras then we strongly suggest please take good care of your things by ownself and if you are sensitive to dust and your skin is very sensitive then please make sure you inform it earlier.

  • How can I ensure my Booking confirmation?

    We will instantly send email providing you further information about the event spot, event dates and different other details.

  • How long does the program last for?

    As long As you enjoy playing holi you are allowed to play holi.

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