Gokyo and Renjo La pass trek is one of the best, Everest region trekking. This trek takes you to the Everest Base camp through the Renjo La pass. The trek will take us about 13 days to complete, and in the end, leaving us with an amazing experience and beautiful memories. It will take you through the naturally and culturally beautiful Everest region, making you fall in love with the nature, even more.

This 13-days trek, will take you through the wilderness of the Everest region. Through out this trek, you will pass through lush landscapes, rough and barren terrain, monasteries, glaciers, glacial lakes, peaks, mountainous lifestyle, people, their culture and the adventurous Renjo La pass.

Starting our trek from Lukla, we will head out to Phakding. From there, we will hike to Namche Bazar – the central hub for the Everest region. Passing through Dole and Machhermo, we will each the Gokyo valley. From Gokyo valley, the trek will take us through Marlung to Thame. The trail, then takes us back to Namche Bazar, Lukla and finally to the capital city – Kathmandu.

In core, you will be enjoying an amazing trek, that will take you through the beautiful Everest region. Through ups and downs all along the way, you will understand that to be beautiful, you need to stand tall and strong in every situation. You will see that, the strongest creatures, have to survive in the harshest climates. You will know, through the ever-flowing rivers, you need to pass through whatever comes your way, to reach your destination.

The trek is sure to be an amazing one, leaving you mesmerized in the end. You will have gained and experienced something that most people only dream. And in the end, you will be left with beautiful memories and a story to pass down through generations.

Best Time to Trek

Best time for the Everest Base Camp Trek is during the Spring (February to June), Autumn (September and November). Hiking is possible during the winter and monsoon season too, but the weather might not be favorable for everyone, due to the foggy and cloudy weather.