• Duration 8 days
  • Activities Yoga m
  • Trip Type Solo/Group
  • Best Time All around the Year
  • Start/End Pok/ Pok
  • Accomodation Yoga Retreat Center
  • Location Pokhara
  • Transportation Car / Van

When comes to Yoga and Meditation, Nepal is one of the popular destinations to learn and practice it. This course has been designed in order to make the people of this era experience somewhat traditional way of yoga and meditation that used to be done by the gurus and saints in the ancient period. This yoga and meditation are practised in such a method and technique that directly has an influence in the people’s physical, mental and spiritual body.

The hatha yoga is originated from the lap of Himalayas of Nepal where the gurus and saints practised over hundreds of years. Guru Gorakhnath introduced the Yoga practice, thus we shall consider him as our Guru to learn and teach Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga and Meditation of one-week course requires full dedication and patience that brings mental peace, physical health and one’s willpower. This course has helped a lot of people to drop their bad habits and lead towards a positive and healthier life. You will experience positive energy during this one-week yoga and meditation retreat, which can also help you to improve your own health and wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Our yoga retreat centre is located in the mountain of Pokhara Valley that has a pleasant and fresh environment. The view from the retreat centre is a treat for the eye. This yoga retreat package is for all the age group who want to relax and detox in the guidance of our qualified yoga instructors.

Typical day during your stay at the retreat center

  • 5:30 am Wake up
  • 6:00 am – 7:30 am Morning Yoga
  • 8:00 am Breakfast
  • 9:30 am – 11:30 am Hatha Yoga and Self Study or Relax
  • 11:30 am Lunch
  • 12:15 pm – 5:00 pm Hiking and sightseeing around Pokhara and meditation at the center.
  • 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm Yoga, Meditation Pranayam
  • 7:30 pm Dinner
  • 8:15 pm Satsang Kirtan
  • 9:30 pm Bed Time


  • Morning and Evening Yoga & meditation class
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Hot water and Herbal tea to drink (any time)
  • 3 days of hiking, traveling around village, sightseeing
  • 6 nights of Accommodation in Yoga retreat center


  • Additional food if needed
  • Personal expenses: phone calls, laundry, tips etc.

Additional Information

  • Your dress should be decent and comfortable.
  • While practicing yoga and meditation, for both men and women you must wear long or short-sleeved shirts/t-shirts covering the upper body and shoulders, yoga pants or long shorts.
  • You must not wear the attire that is see-through, skin tight and/or with obscene language and inappropriate messages
  • The women are prohibited to wear spaghetti straps, shoulder free, mini skirt, tights or low cut trousers.
  • For men, no tight short shorts, or low cut pants.
  • We also recommend you to wear footwear on your visit. Meditation and yoga halls require you to remove your shoes.


  • Arrival:

    You must arrive to our yoga retreat center a night before the start date. This day there will be a short introduction about this retreat package. The retreat starts from the next morning.

  • Departure:

    The retreat completes on the 7th day by the evening so you can depart on the same evening or stay that night and depart on the 8th day after breakfast.

Frequently Asked Questions: Yoga and Meditation

  • What is the best way to arrive at the yoga retreat Center?

    In terms of getting to yoga retreat center from Kathmandu airport, you need to take another flight to Pokhara (20 min) or bus to Pokhara (7hrs drive)

    We can provide a pickup service at the airport if you want and drop you at the retreat center. please let us know what your flight details( Name of the airline and Flight number, and date and time of arrival.

    Or if you want to arrive overland on your own please let us know the time for the pickup from your location around Pokhara and we will arrange it accordingly.

  • What if I need to switch my start dates?

    If you need to switch the start dates after the reservation which is fine for us but please let us know in advance. As per the availability for that start date we will change your start date accordingly.

  • Is it possible to satay at the yoga center if I arrive a few nights early?

    Sure, you can stay a few nights earlier as long as space is available in retreat center and if incase we do not have space we can help you to find another room as well nearby. Please confirm before arrival for the extra nights and it will cost extra about 30 USD per night per person.

  • Are the meals enough?

    You will be served three meals per day at retreat center per day and a tea at anytime and can purchase additional food to supplement this if they wish.

    Our meals are unlimited. You will be provided with a vegetarian breakfast, lunch or dinner according to a yogic diet.

  • What are meals like and if I have any allergies?

    Our meals are vegetarian and if you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know when you apply so we can make arrangements for you.

  • Can my room be shared with a friend or significant others?

    Yes, you can share a room if you are living together.

  • What should I bring?

    In general, you can buy most things that you might need here for cheaper than in your home countries and buying at local market is a great way to support these local businesses and help the local economy.

    Clothing: Please follow the weather forecast to determine what climate to prepare clothing for.

    Shoes/ Sandals: For walking around.

    Toiletries: Standard toiletries, Feminine hygiene if necessary.

    Electronics: laptop, tablets, and cameras.

    Miscellaneous: Sunscreen, Bug repellent , head light

  • Does this yoga retreat center has a qualified yoga instructor?

    All the instructors are well qualified

  • Since English is not my first language, will it be a barrier?

    No, all participant are coming from different parts of the world. Since the courses are simple and understandable, You will not have a problem. Also there will be teacher to help to regarding it.

  • Do I need to be experienced or good in yoga?

    The only prerequisite for our participant is that they have an open mind and an appetite for learning and growth. Yoga instructor is wonderful at balancing varying skill levels – we have had students with no experience taking the course alongside students with more than a decade of experience.

  • Is this one week yoga course is yoga Certified?

    An authentic yoga guru has design this yoga course so once you participated into this course you can able to do the basic yoga and meditation on your own which will be the foundation of your spiritual journey.

  • What are the subjects in this yoga course?

    Here are the outline of the subject that will cover in this yoga course.

    Pranayama: The practice of breath control techniques and their affect into our physical body.

    Hindu Philosophy: We discuss about the Philosophy of Hinduism and the Yog sutras.

    Mantras: You will learn how to recite the mantras and their importance.

    Human Anatomy: You get the information of our major human anatomy and relationship to the yoga.

    Yoga: You will practice the major of Hatha Yoga / Vinyas Yoga Asanas, pranayama and Shatkarmas. You will get some idea of Ayurvedic medicine.

    Meditation: Even if you are a beginner, you can join this course. We practice various techniques of meditation and also guide to you practice meditation.

  • What do you do on your free time?

    Every Saturday, we give our bodies and minds a well-needed rest, and we bring our participant on a trip to explore Pokhara. In the past, we’ve gone to hiked to mountains, popular lake sides, visited temples and caves and more.

    Also, of course, if you feel like relaxing and doing your own thing, you are more than welcome to as well.

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