• Duration Full day
  • Group Size 2-10
  • Best Season All around the year
  • Average Walk 05-06 hrs
  • Location kathmandu
  • Start/End KTM / KTM
  • Transportation Car / Van

Ghyampe Danda to Lakuri Bhanjyang: An unexplored hiking destination

Ghyampe Danda, which is named after big soil pot (Ghyampo)  is a recently explored tourism hub which needs much more studies. This beautiful green hill is just 14 Km away from Kathmandu and lies in the southwestern side of Bhaktapur at a height of 2000m from sea level which offers famous shrines and temples, Natural habitat of different flora and fauna, Panoramic views of Kathmandu valley and various Himalayan ranges. The Government of Nepal recognized Ghyampe Danda and its periphery for historical, cultural and natural significance recently, so the GoN and other concerned stakeholders are also planning to make a zoological garden in its extended forest. Rope cycling, Zip flying, Hiking, jungle safari and many more adventurous attractions are also consolidated in the plan.

Lakuri Bhanjyang,

Lakuri Bhanjyang is located in the southeastern part of Lalitpur district. This beautiful hilltop is very popular for a panoramic view of all three major cities (i.e. Kathmandu Bhaktapur and Lalitpur) of Kathmandu valley.

Additional information

  • If time favours us then we can further make a prompt decision to move towards chapakharka hills from our last station.
  • There are two more potential stops before reaching pilot baba ashram i.e. (Doleshwor Mahadev temple and forbidden Aircraft amidst the centre of the jungle).
  • We also have options for hiking through jungle trails from Surya Binayak temple to reach pilot Baba Ashram.


  • Hotel Pickup and Drop off
  • Professional guide
  • Transportation
  • Good sized Lunch


  • Any kind of drinks (tea, coffee, bottled drinking water, hot water, etc) and of bar bills (alcoholic beverages)
  • Tips and gratitude to your guides and driver
  •  Accommodation in Kathmandu


  • Pickup:

    You will be picked up from your respective hotels around 8:00 Am from the hotel we will be moving towards the first hiking stop.

  • Stop At: Suryabinayak Temple

    An elevated stairway takes you amongst one of the four famous shrines of  Lord Ganesh. It would be the perfect start-off. After all, people of Nepal consider that getting blessings from Lord Ganesh before starting something brings fortune, good luck and prosperity. Don’t you think that’s a great way to start a journey?

  • Stop At: Pilot Baba Ashram

    Pilot Baba Ashram is named after sage and former  Indian army, Left-wing commander Kapil Singh who left his job to find inner peace as he witnessed the adverse impact of human conflicts and barbarous warfare. This beautiful Sanctuary is dedicated to the temple of Lord Shiva (Som Nath), one can just get relaxed and sit in an open courtyard while the place also offers big indoor meditation hall with a tranquil calm environment. To reach Ashram from Surya Binayak temple covers approximate time around 20 minutes by a ride.

  • Stop At: Ranikot Gadhi

    You will visit Ranikot, a place of historical significance. There used to be a palace which was built for the beloved queen by the Licchavi dynasty king but unfortunately, we cannot even find remains of fossils and debris. Later, shah dynasty king Prithivi Narayan shah deployed his military force and utilized it as a strategic fort for warfare to conquer Bhaktapur, which also has been emerging as a popular destination for domestic tourism nowadays. It would take around 30-45 minutes to reach our destination. Revitalization is essential for an exuberant walk, so it’s time to nourish your empty tummy.

  • Stop At: Lakuri Bhanjyang

    Now, steep uphills and slippery downslope journey to Lakuri Bhanjyang begins,  which is approximately about 5.7 km ahead from Ranikot Gadhi. It takes around 2 hours walking via jungle trails and off-road. There are view towers on the way from where one can get some informative understanding of topography and observe the scenic beauty of the valley and different Himalayan ranges.

  • Drop off:

    We will be heading back to Kathmandu from Godawari routes and drop you at your respective hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions: Gyampe Dada

  • Which is the best time of year for Lakuri Bhanjyang hiking?

    Especially during the months of March, April and May when rhododendron flowers blossom throughout the jungle and chirping of birds with shimmering gleams of the first ray of sunshine will be the major attraction of the village stay. If you can consider walking a muddy road and slippery trails during the rainy season from June to August or one can enjoy views of snow-capped mountains and Himalayan ranges from  November to February. As the weather gets clear during the winter season but someday might be hazy too.

  • What would be comfortable clothing for a day hike?

    We will mostly be ascending from the beginning of our journey and there are very few falls. However, considering the overall scenario, one should avoid cotton clothing which absorbs sweat during a walk instead choose clothes made up of polyester, nylon or merino materials for base layers, which comes in contact with the skin directly. we recommend you to wear comfortable, stretchable and durable joggers. During winter Merino wool, polyester and a light down jacket or windcheater combo also go well.

  • How long does it take to reach the final hiking station ?

    we will be exploring different places on the way to our destination. It depends on how long we get indulged in various locations. Actual estimated time to reach from starting point to the destination is around  3 hrs if we walk continuously.

  • Are there retail shops?

    A distance of 6.5 Km  is covered through smooth graveled pitch road to  reach Ashram from suryabinayak temple where you cannot find  any retail shop in the beginning of your journey. As you reach nearer to pilot baba Ashram there are few local retail shops.

  • What backpack size do I need to carry?

    It’s a burden carrying a weighty backpack during hike .so, we recommend you to carry a 20-25 litres backpack which will be sufficient for you to store 2-4 litre water, Few packaged foods, first aids and your important stuff.

  • Are there hotels for accommodation available nearby different stops?

    Ghyampe danda and Ranikot offer different local eateries or hotels to few high-end resorts. Meanwhile, in the final station, there are simple but friendly guest houses. They’re low on modern conveniences in accordance with the availability of local amenities but they’re clean and have toilet and bathing facilities in each room.

  • How can I ensure my booking confirmation and get access to you ?

    Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email containing your hiking details, including the meeting point and other important information you may need to know. Most of our meeting points are easily accessible which is located near Thamel and Lazimpat area.

  • What kind of group am I travelling with?

    Our group consists of couples, friends and single travelers from the age range 18 to 70.

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