• Duration 03-04 hrs
  • Trip Type Solo / Group
  • Best Time All around the year
  • Per Day Walk 02 hrs
  • Hotel Pickup Available
  • Location Kathmandu
  • Language English

Kirtipur which is also listed in UNESCO tentative site lies 6km away south-west of Kathmandu Valley. The place comprises of Newari culture and traditions as the majority of people here belongs from Newari caste. Alike Durbar square, this place also carries shrines, temples and monuments since ancient times. Kirtipur is the most ancient place in the Kathmandu valley which was conquered by Late king Prithvi Narayan Shah before the unification of Nepal. The place merges with the nearer village to establish the municipality of Kirtipur. Apart from its magnificent view, the place has also become renowned due to its historical framework. Apart from the beauty of the valley, there lies a famous temple of Bag Bhairav which offers a crystal clear view from its top.

Kirtipur is known to be the capital of Kathmandu city also being a land of revolution. The valley was a station of Patan before it was separate Kingdom. Prithvi Narayan Shah conquered the valley in his third attempt for the unification of Nepal in 18th century to make the valley Centre point for further attack. He slashed the nose of all the male people above the age of 15 so that they would be recognized as Kirtipur people.

Tribhuwan University, one of the renowned among many universities lies here. Due to this, the student from other valleys is found to be in Kathmandu for their higher education which has led to increased population in Kirtipur Valley. There lies a big ground aside from the University where one can find the people carrying books and gossiping with each other. This ground gives a pleasant and soothing environment of the valley.

Some areas to visit

Bag Bhairav: The temple which is dedicated to Lord Bhairav in the form of a tiger is the ancient architecture which provides a marvellous view of Kathmandu valley. Alike tiger Bhairav is considered as the most powerful God. He is also believed to be caretaker of Kirtipur citizen.  This architecture lies 1400m above from sea level with an area covering 1500sqm. The temple also carries HAWAN/HOMA (the process which refers to any ritual in which making offerings into a consecrated fire is the primary action) every 1st Saturday of Nepali month. It used to be practised by ”Rishis” in ancient time.

Uma Maheshwar temple: Uma Maheswor temple also known as Bhawani Shankar temple is pagoda style architecture situated on the top hill of Kirtipur valley. The temple offers glorious scenic beauty of Kathmandu valley along with the different mountain ranges. The temple carries the idle of Lord Shiva and Parbati. The entrance comprises of the gate made of stone followed by a huge stone elephant.

Chilancho Stupa: The Buddhist monument which lies on the eastern side of Kirtipur has a white dome sculpture and was constructed on the middle-aged era. According to Newari language” Chilan” means everlasting and ”Cho’ ‘describes the hill. Therefore the word Chilancho describes the God in the hill who is immortal. Regardless of its name, if we go through history the shrine is named as Jagatpal Maha Bihar as it was constructed by Jagatpal Verma in at 16th century.

Additional Information

  • The sculpture inside the monuments is ancient which is worth exploring.
  • There are local restaurants like Lahana and Sasha commenced by Newari people offering varieties of foods and drinks.
  • The area is also suitable for meditation and yoga.
  • Alike Bhaktapur and Patan this place also carries Jatras according to their rituals.
  • One can just sit and observe the daily practices of local people near the area. The place is also worthy to capture the pictures of the architectures and scenes.


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  • Pickup

    You will be picked up from your respective hotels and drive to Kirtipur.

  • Stop At: Kirtipur

    You will be spending around 3-4 hours inside the Kirtipur valley.

  • Drop off

    Since this tour is then completed you can continue your travel to the next destination.

Kirtipur: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete the place?

    As there are different areas inside the valley it takes around 3-4 hours to explore all the major places of Kirtipur.

  • Do the place carry enough hotels?

    The place carries enough local restraunts, but has very few hotels and lodges.

  • Are there any other visiting place nearby?

    Kirtipur is large valley carrying different historical places. However from TU gate of Kirtipur if you go 1km ahead you will find the place named Chovar which is also worth visiting. Many Nepalese movies used to make this place spot for shooting. Moreover if you go 3-4 km ahead from Chovar you will find a peaceful place name Taudaha with a large fish pond. This place also has many small cottages and restraunts for relaxation. Moreover if you lead ahead you will reach to Hindus Holy place called Daksinkali.

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