Manaslu circuit trek is one of the best and amazing treks, you can enjoy in the beautiful country of Nepal. This 15-days long trek, takes you through varied landscapes, and beautiful places, that are sure to leave an impact upon you. You will enjoy the beautiful nature, and even more, beautiful people. In the lap of Manaslu Himal, you once again fall in love with nature.

We begin our Manaslu circuit trek from the capital city of Kathmandu. We travel to Soti Khola on our second day of the trek via bus. It takes about 8 hours. From Soti khola, our actual trek begins. We hike for Machha khola on the very next day. From Machha khola to Jagat, we reach Pewa. From Pewa, we will be trekking on restricted area, so we require permits, which are managed by Mountain Routes. From Pewa, we the continue our trek, reaching Namrung and Lho. The views from there is stunning, with the majestic views of the Manaslu Himal.

From Lho, we then reach Sama Gaun, where we spend 2 nights. 2 nights are spent at Sama gaun, to better adjust to the climatic condition of the region. From Sama gaun, we then trek to Samdo. We spend another 2 nights at Samdo, for the same reason of acclimatization. We then continue our trek, and reach Dharmasala. From Dharmasala, we trek through Larkye La pass, which is the point of highest altitude during our whole trek, reaching Bimthang. From Bimthang to Tal, we reach Kathmandu on the next day.

In essence, you will enjoy an amazing and adventurous trek, in a short period of time. Taking you through varied and beautiful landscapes, you will enjoy nature, like never before. It will, once again, win our hearts. Also, the people of the region teach us the right way to treat our guests. We will have stunning views of the Manaslu himal, Annapurna and so on. Also, some wildlife is encountered during our trek. At the end of this Manaslu circuit trekking, we are left with an amazing experience, and a story to pass down generations.

Best Time for Manaslu Circuit Trek

The best time to enjoy the Manaslu circuit trek, is during spring season (March to May) and also during autumn season (September to November). It is not advised to trek during the winter season, due to the trail becoming difficult because of snowfall.