• Duration 04 hrs
  • Activities Pottery
  • Trip Type Solo / Group
  • Best Time All around the year
  • Start/End KTM/KTM
  • Location Bhaktapur
  • Language English
  • Hotel Pickup Available

Bhaktapur, A city with meticulously architectural structure and traditional handmade dexterity. This Smallest district of the country offers a wide range of traditional art and architecture, significant historical monuments, Idiosyncratic craftwork, splendid windows, pottery and weaving industries, beautiful ponds, rich local customs, culture, religion, festivals, temples,and other-worldly music.

When it comes to the evolution of the human race, different practices of living style are considered and it’s ontic existence are verified. People around the world have their historical foundation of vital activities varied from community to community and their ethnic practices for carrying out regular activities from Waking up in the morning to sleeping at night as such humans have evolved technology and production in a very fast pace leaving behind the knowledge, skills and traditional ideas for manufacturing it. Pottery making experience in Bhaktapur preserves an ancestral practice for manufacturing beautiful clay products like artistic vessels, ceramic materials etc. The manufacturing process begins with the raw clay kept on a circular wheel known as chakra and maintaining the desired shapes by insulating it to a high temperature in the knilt and eventually rising temperature leads the transformation to rigid object. The pottery making in Nepal can be traced back nearly 2600 years in Lumbini and has been an integral part of living since then.


  • Experience the traditional Pottery making skills ; honoring the inherent skills of Local people
  • Supporting and Empowering Locals; Get the knowledge of Ancient tools and techniques of Handmade dexterity
  • Exploring culture and enhancing creativity;provides opportunity for connection
  • A balanced tour of Bhaktapur city exploring Newa community culture and indegenous lifestyle
  • Tour can be made private (at additional cost)

Additional Information

  • pottery making requires vigorous practice for some days so if you want to learn it in a more specific manner, we can manage it accordingly.
  • If you want to take material that you create it takes 2 days to form its shape during summer and 3 days in winter so make sure you can separate ample days to carry out this activity.
  • We encourage you to buy the products because this helps to generate revenue and encourage local people, it is worthy for decoration, gifts, souvenirs and most importantly scribble memories of Nepal in your travel diaries.
  • It requires permit to get entrance in UNESCO listed,National World heritage site


  • Pickup and drop off service
  • An English speaking guide for facilitating you throughout Pottery experience.
  • Necessary items for workshop


  • Expenses for buying goods
  • Food and beverages
  • Tips and gratiuties
  • Permit for World heritage site


  • Pickup

    You will be picked up from your respective hotels.

  • Stop At: Pottery square, Bhaktapur

    The prajapati family of Bhaktapur who are only allowed to dig black clay which is known as god of clay “DYO CHA” and one who runs  the forefather occupation welcomes you wholeheartedly to demonstrate their indegenous skills at potter’s square.

  • Drop off:

    After completion of an activity, We will be heading back to our respective hotels.

Pottery Experience: Frequently Asked Quesitons

  • What is the impact of this Pottery experience program?

    The pottery making program aims to encourage the local people who are engaged in artistic pottery ancestral occupation, The pottery making carries significant historical importance of Nepal, Especially youth are inclined for the urban lifestyle and don’t want to get engaged in such activity which has negatively impacted the industry, the program is specially introduced for travel practice with the community empowerment in Nepal.

  • Can you describe pottery making experience?

    The experience is very soothing, calm, dexterity of artisans is truly eye-catching, they set clay on the circular wheel very carefully and design the desired shape and eventually paint it.

  • Can we participate in pottery making or do we just observe it?

    It’s just short span training,Traditional tools and equipment are used for making products and requires faultless execution initially, gradually, once  you gain confidence then you can  request your facilitator to participate in the making process of pottery products.

  • What kind of clothing is comfortable ?

    You will be provided with an Aprons while carrying out this task but wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty by clay.

  • Can I bring my children on this tour?

    Yes, surely we encourage your children to bring on this tour, specific aged children from 5-8 years are encouraged because it improves developmental growth specially enhances eye-hand coordination  and fosters attention span in children.

  • Do I need to register a separate package for children ?

    Minors below age 8 do not need a separate registration.

  • What do I need to carry ?

    You need to carry some Cash in case you want to buy some products, A bottle of water and camera gadgets for capturing memories.

  • Are there accommodation and eateries nearby?

    There are many traditional eateries and high end accommodation facilities nearby pottery squares.

  • Can I register for a private Tour?

    Yes you have an option to choose a private tour , please contact us for more information.

  • What are different types of products made?

    Several clay containers like large vessels, ceramic cups, pots, artistic decorative designs like elephants, statues are different products.

  • How can I ensure my booking confirmation?

    Upon registration we will instantly get connected to you via email. you will be provided further information, detailed program briefs and maps.

  • What is the total time duration for the workshop?

    The overall time period is 3- 4 hours and 1 hours for the workshop but if you want to acquire more knowledge about pottery then we can arrange it according to your preference.

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