• Duration Half day
  • Activities Craft
  • Trip Type Solo/Group
  • Best Time All around the year
  • Start/End KTM/KTM
  • Location Kathmandu
  • Language English
  • Hotel Pickup Available

The generational occupation practice in Nepal signifies very glorious historical importance. This includes farming occupation, priest, pottery making, Thangka paintings, Woodcraft etc. The Shilpakars of Nepal have dedicated almost 1000s years of occupational journey for wood carving and making traditional wood arts. Kathmandu Valley itself is named after the “City of Wooden Temple” and it requires dexterous skill to composite such a beautiful city. However, UNESCO listed world heritage sites of Valley verifies how truly skilful our artist used to be. In Nepal, extensive use of woods and wood crafts can be seen not only in public or heritage sites but also in general citizen’s homes which are equally beautiful and meticulously designed. Wood arts is basically done for making windows, doors, pillars and beams while constructing houses. Likewise in Thangka paintings, the Hindu and Buddhist deities are illustrated, images of Hindu and Buddhist deities are carved in house doors containing some religious beliefs with decorative and magnificent frameworks.


  • Kathmandu valley is named after its ancient name Kasthamandap which means a three-storied building that includes a shrine dedicated to Guru Gorakhnath. The existence of Kasthamandap incorporates the 4 pillars on the building made up of wood and its architecture structure carrying religious, historical and archaeological importance.
  • Meet Local artisan of the valley, learn and explore delicate wood designs like an art sculpture, craving of Hindu deities, Traditional eye windows and different statues
  • Supporting Local Artist; Get the knowledge of Ancient techniques of cabinet maker handmade dexterity
  • Experience Traditional Woodcraft making and honouring generational Arts of Shilpakar.

Additional Information

  • Woodcraft workshop is designed for one day, we can extend Workshop for 15 days to 1 month according to your preferences.
  • one needs to understand carpenter skills and woodcraft are different but both the skills are complementary to each other.
  • If you wanted to extend the tour package for more days with more activities around that area then please send us an email earlier.


  • Pickup and drop off service
  • An English speaking guide for facilitating you throughout the Woodcraft workshop.
  • Necessary items for workshop


  • Expenses for buying Woodcraft products
  • Food and beverages
  • Tips and gratiuties
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu


  • Pickup

    You will be picked up from your respective hotels.

  • Stop At: Changu Narayan, Wood craft Workshop center

    The beautiful destination located at the northern side of bhaktapur district is very famous for the most ancient and oldest temple of Nepal and surrounded in a peace and calm area amidst the city area, Wood craft Workshop center’s craftsmen and artisans  will teach you the basics of Wood carvings.

  • Drop off

    After completion of an activity, We will be heading back to our respective hotels.

Traditional Woodcraft Workshop: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of wooden products do they produce?

    The craftsmen have engaged in this task from generations; they make traditional and historical arts based on  Buddhism and Hinduism ideologies. to be precise, they make decorative items, Handicrafts, house materials, wooden statues, traditional style furniture etc.

  • What is different between Modern furniture designing and Woodcraft?

    The woodcraft is handmade and requires very specific knowledge , It is meticulously done and made with special techniques, materials and ideas. The Woodcraft is not only associated with the ornamental purpose but also closely related with the long term history and civilization of Kathmandu.

  • How long would the workshop last for?

    The Workshop period is conducted for a short time. This workshop is conducted for getting knowledgeable and informational insights about the art and crafts used in temples, heritage sites and houses in Nepal.

  • Is Woodcraft making skill useful?

    The woodcraft making skills are very useful for one who has a passion for understanding different structural practice and design information. The woodcraft skill covers a wide range of areas from house to cultural heritage sites. Once you observe heritage sites of Kathmandu and roam around ancient cities then you will get an idea of how important it is to acquire this skill.

  • Can I Extend my Woodcraft workshop period?What kind of programs do you offer for Woodcraft?

    We offer you a 15 days to  1 months woodcraft course with local artisans and you can extend the course according to your interest. please inform us earlier.

  • Can I bring my children on this tour? Do I need to register separately for children?

    Yes, we strongly suggest bringing your children on this tour because Woodcraft skills will help your children to get skills of specific art, This helps to foster children’s ability to understand the different scope of art and architecture. In case if you are planning to bring minors below 5 years old then no separate registration is required please pre-inform us if you are bringing your children on this tour.

  • Can I buy Woodcraft products?

    Yes, We strongly encourage our guests to buy products from a local artisan.

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