• Duration 03 hrs
  • Activities Adventure
  • Trip Type Solo/Group
  • Best Time All around the year
  • Start/End PKR/PKR
  • Location Pokhara
  • Hotel Pickup Available
  • Age Range Above 16

Bungy jump in two locations Bhotekoshi and Kushma Parbat involves jumping from the suspension bridge. If you want nearby Pokhara then first bungee jumping tower has been built over the chasm at 70-meters height, 3 second free falls give one an experience of an adrenaline rush before a jump. Pokhara valley located in the western region of Nepal is beautiful, serene and regarded to be land of recreation and excitement. The gateway city to the Himalayas gratifies impulses of thrilling adventurous tracks and trails together with various undertakings and one of the worth trying activities is Bungee jumping. If you want to experience racing heart palpitating mixed feelings of arousal congruent and determined to undertake an audacious task, then Nepal offers this thrilling adventurous activity.

Additional Information

  • If you are staying at Kathmandu and want to commit bungee jump nearest to Kathmandu then you have an option to choose Bhotekoshi bungee jump spot which is approximately 3.5-4 hrs drive to reach nearer to Nepal- Tibet border.
  • We will vertically jump downward from 160 meters height into the wildest raging Bhote Koshi river experiencing 7 seconds free fall.
  • The cliff Kushma bungee jump is the second-highest bungee jumping spot in the world, it’s 60 Kms away from Pokhara via Pokhara-Baglung highway towards the southern side.


  • Pickup

    You will be picked up from your respective hotels. An opening hour for bungee jumping is from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm daily.

  • Stop At: Hemja Bungee jumping spot

    Bungee jumping spot is located  10 km away from the city centre of Pokhara valley. After completing some paper formalities to commit, until your turn, you can observe beautiful glimpses of Himalayan ranges. Overall, 20 minutes activity is strictly performed under the supervision of expert jump masters by providing you safety instructions and guidelines. The tight rope fastened with bungee cords and your shoulder angel constantly appears to endorse an internal conflict. Now, as your good angle wins,   experience a blank mind during free fall along with a tingling sensation on your face owing to gusts of breeze.

  • Drop off

    We will be heading back towards our respective hotels.

Bungy Jump: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best time to go for Bungee jumping in Pokhara?

    You can enjoy the excitement of bungee jumping throughout the year in Pokhara, Pokhara offers a lot of adventurous activity in accordance with particular time but bungee jump is not much affected due to climatic conditions, so it can be considered as a year-round activity.

  • Is Bungee jumping dangerous in Pokhara?

    Bungee jump in Pokhara is strictly carried out under the supervision of professional bungee masters who continuously provide you guidelines and instructions. Previously, no any kind of accidents have been recorded. Your health condition and previous health issues are monitored, you have to inform your existing health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, heart diseases etc.

  • How is bungee jump different in pokhara from any other bungee jumping station in Nepal?

    Pokhara offers one and only bungee jumping tower in all Nepal, if you are nearby Pokhara and shortly, you want to get an experience of free fall then it’s a no different experience than any other location. The station offers spectacular views and thrilling sensation which makes it more convenient and fantastic.

  • Is there a weight limit on bungee jumping?

    Yes, It might vary from different locations, for safety concerns they accept weight range from 35 kg- 130kgs.

  • Can I bring my camera or video camera for bungee jumping in Pokhara?

    Yes, You can bring a camera or video camera with you to capture beautiful views and record your freefall which stays forever with you as a good memory.

  • Is there any age limit for bungee jumping in pokhara?

    There is an age restriction for bungee jumping in Pokhara, that is you need to be 13+ years old to experience it. Make sure you need to carry supporting documents that clearly show your age.

  • Can you eat before bungee jumping?

    We do not recommend heavy sized food or excess water before bungee jumping which might result in vomiting. You might feel pukish and can be uncomfortable and hindrance to enjoy full extent. Light breakfast or even empty stomach is suggested before bungee jumping.

  • Who would be responsible if I get injured?

    Bungee jumping is an adventurous sport and service providers are solely responsible. Having said that, you will be ensured about your insurance protocols and incase of small scratches or bruises, Basic first aid medication will be provided.

  • What would be the comfortable clothing for Bungee jumping?

    Depending on the season you are travelling, you can wear anything you are comfortable in.  We recommend you to wear a shirt, T-shirt, singlets, pants or trouser just avoid high heels and dress.

  • Can I book a private bungee jumping package?

    Yes,  surely you can book a private bungee jump package, If you are planning to visit Nepal in a group then we can also manage a private group package. As you need a will power to jump, your group members can continuously motivate and encourage you. We can also manage private/ solo tour for yourself which will cost you the same.

  • For other information, how can I contact you?

    We will provide you further details via email as soon as you register, Further details and itineraries will be sent to you instantly in response to  your queries.

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