Manaslu Tsum valley trek is one of the best Manaslu valley trekking. In just 19 days of time, we will travel through varied landscapes and encounter many unforgettable moments. Beautiful nature and even more beautiful people of the region are sure to win our hearts. Visiting many monasteries and villages on our way, we fall in love with the culture and traditions of people of the region. Also, the amazing mountain ranges, standing tall will inspire us to become strong.

We start our Manaslu Tsum valley trek form the beautiful capital city of Nepal – Kathmandu. On the second day of our trek, we travel to Arughat from Kathmandu which takes 6 hours then to Soti Khola. From there, our actual trek begins, and we trek to Machha Khola on the very next day. From Machha khola to Jagat then to Lokpa, we finally reach Chumling. There are 3 very famous monasteries in Chumling, which we will be visiting during our stay there. Then we continue our trek to Chhokangparo, where we will be rewarded with the astounding views of the beautiful Ganesh himal.

After spending a night at Chhokangparo, we continue on our trek and reach Rachen Gumba on the next. From Rachen Gumba to Mu Gumba, to Rainjam, we finally reach Gumba Lundang. Gumba Lungdang is a large and famous monastery with about 40 female monks. From there, we then trek to Ripchet then to Philim. From Philim we trek to Soti khola, then to Arughat. Finally catching a bus, we return back to Kathmandu. We then spend the next day exploring some of the beautiful places the valley has to offer.

During this trek, we enjoy being lost in the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Beautiful forests, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife and even more beautiful people will make us want to return again to this amazing place. In just 19 days of time, we will rediscover our love for nature. We then return back to our homes, with nothing but beautiful memories and an amazing experience. At the end of the trek, we have an exciting story to pass down through generations.

Best Time to Trek

The best time to enjoy the Tsum valley trek, is during spring season (March to May) and also during autumn season (September to November). It is not advised to trek during the winter season, due to the trail becoming difficult because of snowfall.