Food and Water in Everest Region

Over the time Everest Region has developed rapidly, Due to the influences of foreigners the local people have adapted the western culture quite fast. Now the Tea houses and local lodges offers you variety of foods and beverages according to your choice. You can get a big Menu where you can select the foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner but don’t expect the Menus like in the luxurious restaurants.

Since you will be in trekking in Everest region the popular local Sherpa dishes are:

Tibetan Bread:

Tibetan Bread are one of the most famous breakfast in high altitude Region of Nepal. As the culture of Everest region is influenced from Tibetan society. This Bread has also come from Tibet. Tibetan Bread is thick Bread like Chapati (Roti) but is fried in oil and bit tasty than chapati. One serving of Tibetan Bread will keep you full till lunch.


Tsampa is a famous Sherpa cuisine which Sherpa has been eating for more than centuries. Tsampa   is the type of Flour which consists of a mixture of different pulses and cereals like: Maize, Wheat, Peas, Moong , millet, barley and finally mixed with roasted  cashews, nuts, almonds, resins. You can eat Tsamps by adding hot water, milk, or tea. Tsampa works like a magic and gives you instant energy. You can either have Tsampa or Tsamps porridge.

Shakpa/ Syakpa

Syakpa is also known as Tibetian stew or Sherpa Stew. Shakpa is like a thick noodle soup where the noodles are made from dough of flour. Syakpa is available with vegetables or meat and to give add taste you can mix the spices.


Thukpa is quite similar to Syakpa the only difference is the noodles in Thukpa is long and thick. Thukpa is one of the best food for winter and high altitude as it served with veggeis like green onions, chick peas, carrot, and chillies. You can also get thukpa with meat and eggs.


Kur is the simplest version of non- oily tibetian bread. Kur is same like chapati but it is thicker than chapati. Kur is served with chilli sauce, tomato sauce, butter or potato soup.

Riki kur

Riki kur is the Sherpa version of Potato pancakes. Which is made from batter of flour and grated potatoes. Riki kur could be served with yak cheese or butter.


Shyaphale is a famous local snack of Sherpas. Shyaphale is deep fried bread or dough which is filled with meat and different spices. Shyaphale taste great with tea or juice.


Rilduk is a thick soup made with lumps of mashed potatoes. It is a light soup and specially prepared for summer.


Porridge is the common option for breakfast. One of the best and quickest items of food for high altitude.

You can get variety of porridge as per the menu and your taste

  • Porridge with honey
  • Apple Porridge
  • Porridge with chocolate
  • Oat meal porridge
  • Dry fruit Porridge
  • Porridge with hot milk
  • Porridge with honey, cinnamon and resins


Some people prefer Muesli over porridge you can select the muesli as per your taste some of the options for Muesli are

  • Muesli with Yoghurt
  • Dry Muesli
  • Muesli with hot milk
  • Muesli with chocolate
  • Plain Muesli
  • Muesli with fresh fruit


Puddings are great choice of breakfast which is a typical Nepali Breakfast. Puddings are same like porridge but it is sweeter and made from rice and comes in different flavors.

Some of the options for Puddings are

  • Rice Pudding
  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Apple pudding

Eggs: Eggs are one the most essential foods which gives you energy for long period time. You can order your choice of eggs.

  • Boiled Eggs
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Fried Eggs
  • Omelet
  • Cheese Omelets
  • Plain Omelets
  • Poached eggs


The tea houses offers delicious pancakes, you have variety of pancakes like

  • Apple pancakes
  • Dry fruit pancakes
  • Chocolate pancake
  • Egg pancake
  • Cinnamon pancake
  • Lemon pancake


Breads are good option for breakfast and most of the trekker prefer bread for their breakfast.

Some the Breads that tea houses offer are

  • Plain toast
  • Cheese toast
  • Bread with jam
  • Honey toast
  • Peanut butter toast
  • Egg toast

Rice meals Or Daal bhat

Daal Bhat is the typical Nepali Food which is Famous all over Nepal. Daal Bhat can be served as both lunch and dinner. The set of daal  Bhaat includes a full plate of rice, Vegetables and meat. The tea house offers different variety of rice with special flavors

  • Fried rice with meat items, or vegetables or eggs
  • Veg rice
  • Rice with dried yak meat
  • Fried rice with cheese and sauce


Momo is another famous Food of Nepal. Everest region offers a unique taste of Momo which you should defiantly give a try. Momo Are the dumplings filled with meat, vegetables or cheese. You can ask for sauce.


Well the locals have mastered in the art of making pizza. You can get your pizza in different sizes with variety of flavors. Some of the famous pizza are

  • Salami pizza
  • Sausage pizza
  • Yak cheese pizza


Well Everest trekking trail is famous for yak steak. You should give it a try. But not all trekker are lucky to get the yak steak as there is a high demand for yak meat. But you can get other steak like buff steak, and chicken steak.

Spaghetti and pasta

Spaghetti and pasta the best diet for trekkers. Spaghetti and pasta were also famous in the world war. Since then people have done magic with pasta. You can get spaghetti with the local mushrooms and handmade sauce.


Since the soil of Everest region is not so fertile for agriculture but Everest region is blessed potatoes. Everest trekking region offers the best potatoes in all of Nepal. Potatoes are great source of energy and is included in the daily meal of Sherpa people. Over the time the local tea houses have developed tasty flavors of potatoes. Some of the items of potatoes which you can find in the menu are

  • Boiled potatoes
  • Fried cheese potatoes
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mixed potatoes
  • Potato chips
  • Roasted potatoes
  • Potato cake
  • Potato soup

Beverages in Everest trekking trail

While trekking in high altitude and cold areas hot beverages plays an important role to maintain your body temperature. The tea house and lodges offers you various beverages if you are a caffeine junkie the don’t worry you can have your daily dose of caffeine made by the well trained baristas just limit your amount as you will be trekking in high altitude and too much caffeine is not just good for the body.

Some of the beverages you can get in the tea house are

  • Milk tea
  • Tea without milk
  • Lemon tea
  • Honey hot lemon
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Hot water
  • Mint tea
  • Ginger hot water or ginger tea
  • Caffeinated Drinks
  • Red bull and local energy drinks
  • Sherpa Tea: Sherpa tea is a special tea made by the local Sherpa which is also known as SHU chiya . This tea is made from butter with needs special processing.

We do not recommend having alcoholic beverages in high altitude as it may cause a serious health problem. We recommend you to choose your drinks wisely which will benefit in your health.

Water on EBC

Water is the important element that helps you to keep in good shape and avoid the risk is AMS. We recommend every trekker to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water per day. While trekking in higher altitudes our body loses the amount of water and quickly dehydrates to keep our body hydrate and function we need to increase the amount of liquid intake. You can buy bottled water at the tea houses which will probably cost you a heavy amount. You can also refill your water bottles through the Streams Rivers or taps but you need to filter it before drinking as we do not recommend drinking direct water. You can filter it by using purification tablets.

Most of the trekkers bring their own life straw which saves them from buying tons of water and reducing the amount of plastic bottles.