Helambu Trek is one of the best, Lantang trekking packages. You will explore the beautiful Langtang region, and the people living there, will surely win your hearts. In just 8 days of time, you will rediscover your love for nature. Trekking through this beautiful region, you will fall for the beautiful nature, and even more, its beautiful people.

We will start our Helambu trek from Kathmandu and return back, completing the trek in 8 days. On the second day of our trek, we will drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal and then trek to Chisapani. Along the way, we also get to visit Shivapuri watershed and Wildlife Reserve. On the 3rd day, we will continue our trek and reach Kutumsang, taking 7 hours of time. From Kutumsang, we will then trek to Thadepati. From Thadepati to Tarke Ghyang, we will reach Sermathang. We will then, from there, start the return journey, and trek to Melamchi Bazar. From Melamchi Bazar, it is just 2-3 hours drive back to the capital – Kathmandu.

By trekking through all these amazing and beautiful places, we will once again remember the place where we all came from. From watching the tall majestic mountain range, we will understand what it’s like to be strong and firm. We will learn the proper way, guests are meant to be treated. Traversing through beautiful forests, we will once again, fall in love with nature. And, in the end, we are left with beautiful memories and an amazing experience. We will have some part of us touched and an interesting story to tell.

Best Time to Trek

The best time to enjoy Helambu trek to the fullest, is during the spring season (March to June) and, also during the autumn season (September to December). Helambu trekking can be enjoyed all around the year, but we at Mountain Routes, advise you not to go trekking during the monsoon season (July to August).

Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arriving at Kathmandu

    Today, being the very first day of our Helambu trekking, you will be arriving at the capital city – Kathmandu. Upon landing, our representatives from Mountain Routes will greet and pick you up at the airport. They will then take you to your hotel and also explain the trekking routes and schedules. You can ask them any queries regarding your trek. After reaching your hotel, you can head out and explore the beautiful city of Kathmandu. You will also prepare for your trek to follow

  • Day 2: Drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal, then trek to Chisapani (2300 m) Trip Duration: 1 hours + 4 hours

    We will start the day, early today. We will take a bus ride to Sundarijal from Kathmandu, which will take us about 1 hour of time. Upon arriving at Sundarijal, we will visit the Shivapuri watershed and Wildlife Reserve. From there, we will start the trek to Chisapani. The trail follows the path into the settlement of Mulkharka, inhabited by the Tamang people. Traversing through Oak and Rhododendron forests, we will reach Chisapani, after hiking for 4 hours

  • Day 3: Chisapani to Kutumsang (2446 m) Trip Duration: 7 hours

    Day 3 of our Helambu trekking, consists of trekking from Chisapani to Kutumsang. It will take us about 7 hours to reach Kutumseng, so we will start early today. Today’s trail will traverse through meadows and fields. We will reach our first stop for today, Pati Bhanjyang, after some hours of trekking. Following the trail further, we will reach the village of Gul Bhanjyang. The trail will lead us to Kutumsang, following ups and downs. We are accompanied by the beautiful Langtang range, along the way. Upon reaching Kutumsang, we will check into our hotel and spend the night there

  • Day 4: Kutumsang to Thadepati (3650 m) Trip Duration: 6 hours

    Today, on the 4th day of our Helambu trekking, we will hike from Kutumsang to Thadepati. It will take us about 6 hours of time to reach Thadepati, and we are accompanied by the beautiful mountain range. After starting on our trail, we will reach Magen Goth and Yurin Danda, from where we can enjoy the magnificent views of the Himalayas. After following the trail further, we will finally reach Tharepati. Overnight at Thadepati

  • Day 5: Thadepati to Tarkeghyang (2560 m) Trip Duration: 6 hours

    On day 5 of our Helambu trek, we will trek from Thadepati to Tarkeghyang, which will take us about 6 hours of time. Following the descending trail, we will soon reach Melamchi Gaon. Melamchi Gaon also has old and artistic Gompas. Following the trail further, we will cross Melamchi Khola by a bridge. From there, the trail is ascending. We will slowly make the long climb, on the other side of the valley. Finally, after trekking for 6 hours, we will reach Tarkeghyang. Overnight at Tarkeghyang

  • Day 6: Trek to Sermathang (2610 m) Trip Duration: 3-4 hours

    Today, on 6th day of our Helambu trek, we will trek from Tarkeghyang to Sermathang. This will take us about 3-4 hours to complete. We will also pass through many other villages, along the way. Crossing some forested area, we will finally reach Sermanthang. Sermanthang is a small village, culturally and naturally rich, and also the center of apple-growing area. Sermathang, also provides us with amazing view of the Himalayas. Overnight at Sermathang

  • Day 7: Sermanthang to Melamchi Bazar and drive to Kathmandu Trip Duration: 3-4 hours + 2-3 hours

    On the 7th day of Helambu trekking, we will trek from Sermathang to Melamchi Bazar, then drive from there to Kathmandu. The trek from Sermathang to Melamchi Bazar is descending and will take us about 3-4 hours to reach there. Melamchi Bazar is mostly inhabited by Sherpas, but other ethnic groups also live there. From there, we will take a bus ride back to Kathmandu. After reaching Kathmandu, we will go back to our hotel and freshen up a little. We will then go out to explore Kathmandu city and maybe, also do some shopping. At night, we will enjoy the beautiful night life of Thamel. A good night’s sleep is all that is left for the day.

  • Day 8: Departure

    Today, is the last day of our Helambu trek and also your last day in Nepal. You will travel, back to your country, with all the beautiful memories and an amazing story to tell. We will share goodbyes and bade each other farewell. Boarding the plane, you will once again remember, what a wonderful stay you’ve had in Nepal, in the last 7 days