Travel to the best mountain region in the world with our Everest Panorama View Trekking. Be a part of the most thrilling and exciting adventure in the world.

Everest Panorama View Trekking lets you enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the majestic and the tallest mountain of the world – Mount Everest in a very short duration of 7 days. We at Mountain Routes are here to help you check-off one of your biggest adventure-dream from your bucket-list, with this amazing Everest trekking packages. Everest panorama view trekking takes you to the wonderland of the Great Himalayas for a 7 days trekking trip. This trek will get you as top as 3440 meters at Namche Bazar – aka gateway to Everest.

This 7-day Everest trekking packages, will also take you through the cultural and traditional beauty of the indigenous people of the region – Sherpas and their antique monasteries. You will also get to see many beautiful glaciers, hanging icicles and other glamorous terrains. Believe us, it is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Best Time to Go

The best time to enjoy this Everest trekking packages is during the Spring (February to June), Autumn (September and November). Hiking is possible during the winter and monsoon season too, but the weather might not be favorable for everyone, due to the foggy and cloudy weather.